Auditioning insects

Fall, and the insects line up on the flowers like actresses and actors at an open audition.

They hover, waiting to be noticed, to be discovered. Who will be the big star, who will be the next "glamour bug" to be featured on a blog, or in a magazine article, or even in a book?

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up."

Some like this un-named waspy type insect with that menacing stinger are more suited to tough guy roles.

"We'll call you if we need you. Security, please watch this one to make sure he doesn't make any sudden moves toward us."

Next up is a butterfly.

So predictable, the butterflies are always the star of the show.  They are attractive and few people run screaming in the other direction when they see one.  This would be a safe choice.

"Can you come back and bring lots of your friends, Ms. Butterfly? We are casting for a big dance number with asters as the backdrop and we think you'd be perfect for it."

Or do we want to go with an unknown, tiny insect, waiting to be discovered.
I don't know, she looks a little small for the part.

"Kid, come back later when you've added a few ounces."

This bee looks like he just came for the free food.
 Surely there is a role for this insect, maybe as a sumo wrestler?

"Can someone re-stock the buffet table for the sumo wrestler bees, please."

Good news, there are parts and roles for all these insects. After all, we are auditioning them for a giant insect flash mob to take place in my garden, and your garden, on a sunny September day, when the fall flowers are blooming, the sky is blue, and the garden is being prepared for another season.

Watch for it, it will happen when you least expect it.


Very funny and imaginative.
Lancashire rose said…
And this is a show that none of us want to miss.
I love it when the auditions commence. Great post.
Anonymous said…
Very well said in an imaginative and creative way! Sue
C. Joy said…
I'm having garden envy - enjoying your flowers and insects. Thanks for posting - you've brighten my day.
What a refreshing post. I really enjoyed it.