Guest Post: Garden Fairies Announce Exciting News

Garden fairies here.

We have taken over this blog to bring you all some exciting news. But first, we are garden fairies and we have not posted anything in awhile so we would like to provide an update on what we have been doing.

We are garden fairies, we have been doing what garden fairies do. 

Just yesterday, when Carol came home from work and immediately took a nap instead of going out to the garden to do some important work like weeding and fall planting, we garden fairies took advantage of the situation and hid the left hand glove of a pair of her gardening gloves.

Yes, we could have hidden the right hand glove, too, but we are garden fairies and hiding both gloves of a pair of gloves is for amateurs.  We are garden fairies, we are professionals.

Believe us when we tell you that hiding just one glove is better because if you hide both gloves of a pair, generally the gardener will forget they even owned that pair of gloves and never go looking for them.  But if we hide one glove of a pair, then the gardener has the other glove and goes looking for the one we hid.  Woo hoo. Then the fun begins. Do you know how much time a gardener can waste looking for one glove?  We are garden fairies. We know they can waste a lot of time looking for gloves they will never find.

We are garden fairies and we have noticed that Carol has not been weeding like she should be. Hierarchy-smierarchy on the weeding.  We know we could maybe help with the weeding but we really like all plants and can't think of any plants we would consider a weed. They are all useful to us. So we just sit back and wait for Carol to come out and do that thing she calls weeding.  Not to mention, we are garden fairies so we are inherently opposed to any and all activities that seem like any kind of work.  That is just  not our style.

It is also not our style to lead you on with false promises of exciting news and then not deliver the goods, the way Carol will sometimes do. She is tricky that way, but we are garden fairies, so we will now proceed forthrightly and right now to tell you the exciting news.

Fall is coming.

Yes, that is our exciting news. Fall is coming.  Sooner than you think. Fall is coming tomorrow.

We are garden fairies.  We had a nice summer, though it was a bit hot and dry, but now we are looking forward to fall. But trust us, as soon as we hear the F word  - no, we do not mean frass, we mean frost -  we will be sneaking inside the house to join the tree fairies and toast fairies for a long restful winter.

But Carol shouldn't think she has time to rest. No way!  She has too much to do. We are garden fairies so to earn our keep in the winter we are going to do our best to keep her focused and on task and not let her wander around and nap like a garden fairy.

Submitted by
Thorn Goblinfly
Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens


  1. Tricksters. It's not even Halloween. You must be garden fairies.

  2. How do you expect her to get that work done with one glove? Maybe you'd better sneak it back to where it belongs....

  3. HEH HEH! The garden fairies are excellent writers.

    Love it!

    My garden fairies have hidden a bunch of my pruners. Y'all need to get together.

  4. Dear Thorn,

    Even though you are garden fairies, we feel like you should return Carol's glove. You wouldn't want her to get a splinter or get bit or something. Thanks for not dragging us along and not telling is the news, either. Fall. Who knew?

    Your Tennessee Cousins

  5. Your cousins live here in RI as I am missing one glove from several different sets. Bad fairies! I am going out and stepping on a mushroom house...after making sure no fairies will be squished, of course. You may want to warn your cousins.

  6. Fall may be coming tomorrow ... fall weather is another story. Hmmpph.

  7. :) hahaha funny reading about garden fairies.

  8. Dear Thorn, you are well named! Have you been in Raleigh lately, burying my pruners in a pile of clay soil? No wonder we need to nap all the time - we're worn out looking for our stuff!

  9. You little mischief makers! I better check to see that your Tennessee cousins haven't hidden anything while I was gone. gail


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