How to Tame a Wildflower

How to tame a wildflower.

You can give it fancy leaves...

Heliopsis helianthoides 'Loraine Sunshine'

You can give it double flowers...

Heliopsis helianthoides '(Variety Name Forgotten*)'
You can let it play amongst the other flowers...

You can even banish it to the compost bin...

But you can never really tame it.

It will never really leave.

Once you let a wildflower into your garden, it will decide how it wants to play. It will decide where it will grow and how far it will cast its seeds.

It will decide if it is going to be your friend or your nemesis.

Hopefully, it will be a friend and it's bright happy face will show up where you like it.
Heliopsis helianththoides, false sunflowers, will always be a part of my garden, a wild part of my garden, whether I like it or not.

This post is part of Wildflower Wednesday, hosted by Gail at Clay and Limestone.

*Thanks to the Hoosier Gardener for identifying the double-flowering heliopsis as 'Sunshine Daydream' from Plants Nouveau.


  1. It is a cheerful face that makes your pollinators and garden fairies happy!

  2. I'm pretty sure 'Sunshine Daydream' from Plants Nouveau is the heliopsis that is not identified.

  3. Maybe it is the garden fairies spreading the seeds....

  4. Carol,
    so true, I've let a few asters and goldenrod slip in and I'm delighted to see their blossoms woven into the rest of the garden tapestry. We can never have enough dressed up natives or just old fashioned wildflowers in my mind.

  5. A beautiful appreciation. I love the tenacity of wildflowers.

  6. Some flowers are not to be tamed but loved and appreciated for the magic they bring to a garden. xogail

  7. Part of the charm of wildflowers is their sudden appearance where least expected, such as sprouting in your compost bin!

  8. I like the way your flowers are playing together. I hope the natives I planted in my front yard this season get along well next year.

  9. Pretty sunflowers :D I wanna have a dream with those in it.

  10. I found some goldenrod in my garden last year and love it so much. I tried, unsuccessfully, to grow it by seed at my previous home. It's funny the way things happen.

  11. These are too pretty to banish from your garden, Carol, even if you could! It's funny, but my friend Beckie had these all over the place in her garden and tried and tried to eradicate them. She gave me some seedlings--with a warning--that I planted in my butterfly garden. I still have several, but they haven't spread like hers, probably because they have to duke it out with other tough guys like my Obedient Plant:)


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