Lonely garden seeks gardener...

"Lonely garden seeks gardener who loves purple asters, winding paths, and a crispness in the air. The ideal gardener isn't afraid of bugs, likes to weed, and enjoys growing vegetables in addition to flowers. I'm willing to over look your flaws, dear gardener, if you'll over look mine. Signed, A Garden Somewhere in the Midwest."

Dear Garden,

I'm sorry I haven't had time to spend with you. If you'll pull your personal ad, I promise to spend time with you this weekend - weeding, planting, mowing.  I love purple asters and winding paths.  I like to grow vegetables and flowers. Insects don't scare me and neither does a little cold weather. Please forgive me. I'm here for you, I promise.

Busy Gardener Somewhere in the Midwest


  1. Ach, my dear own garden has also had to fend for itself for quite some time, but I'll be going up there on Sunday and Monday, so perhaps I'll manage to convince it of the love I still have for it, even if there is a new apartment in my life that takes a lot of my time these days.

  2. My poor garden is the same way...screaming out for attention...but with all this rain I can't get out there.

  3. What a lovely idea--to think my garden might appreciate me as much as I appreciate my garden. (Well, I can at least hope it does)! :)

  4. In my area, my Garden has been put to sleep for the season. It is such a sad time of year for me.

  5. My little garden's soaking wet,
    rain is not stopping yet.
    Waiting for the sun to shine,
    bring joy to these plants of mine!:)

  6. I haven't spent much time in myhgarden lately, but I did manage to divide some hosta. They were screaming for some room to grow. They had crowded my hydrangea. I'll bet they're sighing in relief.LOL I'm gratified that I could pass the hosta on for someone else to enjoy.

  7. Ah yes - I think my poor garden was probably writing its own Lonely Hearts ad earlier. It's in a state of shock now as I've given it more attention in the last two days than in the whole of the last month...

    I'm sure your garden understands!

  8. I was finally able to spend a long day in my lonely garden yesterday, but it is raining today. Again.

  9. I wanted to get out in my garden this weekend, but family wanted to go and do. Poor garden . sigh. Love fun with the family, but something is always neglected.


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