We see it all in the Fall, and hear a new secret

We see it all in the Fall.

There's a remnant of spring in the new yellow rose buds, a touch of summer in the white rose flower, and a bit of fall in the orange rosehips, all on the same branch of a rose.

If you look carefully, you'll see that there is also a praying mantis hanging from the rose, looking at me as I happily snapped pictures for the upcoming Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

What? The praying mantis is trying to tell me something?  I wonder.  Really? The praying mantis has a secret for me?  Goodness gracious.

I stood there quietly.  I listened. I learned.  And when the mantis had finished, I thanked her, left her be and went on about my business.
I can assure you, the mantis not only provides directions, she also tells secrets. At least she tells secrets to those who are willing to stop and listen.

The secret is...

Garden fairies here!  This secret is not one to be shared like the other ten gardening secrets Carol has already broadcast to the world on her blog. We are garden fairies. We know the mantis's secret. We will not let Carol share it. Sorry.  No can do. We are garden fairies. We will remain steadfast and vigilant over this post. We will not let Carol so carelessly reveal a secret like this. Sorry, gardeners, there is nothing to see or read here. Go on about your gardening business and come back for bloom day.  Move along now,  don't dally. Honestly.  Okay, fine, leave a comment to beg us to share the secret, but we are garden fairies. It will take several meetings and councils and much discussion before we could ever be coaxed into revealing something this big and we are garden fairies, we do not like meetings. We are garden fairies. We've said too much as it is.

Secret saved by Thorn Goblinfly,
Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens


  1. Always love reading your blogs, and love the praying mantis pic! Had one hanging out on my porch the other morning.

  2. Oh c'mon, Thorn. We won't tell. Just whisper it...

    Fairegarden Fairies

  3. Thorn, You've brought to mind an early lennon and mccartney song!

    Do you want to know a secret?,
    Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh, oh.

    Thorn, I pinky swear over all my Beatle albums not to tell!

  4. Great photos, Carol. I didn't know praying mantis were over there as well as over here! There are always some eating something in my garden. Christina

  5. Those garden fairies sure know how to spoil our fun!

  6. I hope the Garden Faery will visit my Garden too!

  7. For a bunch of hedonists, those garden fairies can be pretty sanctimonious


  8. Oh come on...please please..please!!!! Garden fairys -Tell us your secret. Really cool praying mantis by the way-have not seen one in years...great treat!!!

  9. Pleasure to walk on your blog,have a nice month september, Greeting from Belgium

  10. We have lots of praying mantis too, but i didn't know fairies talk like that! haha! Do you know i have a friend who really see fairies?

  11. A praying mantis! Cool. I love the idea of your four seasons rose. Please tell the garden fairies that I'm happy just to look...