When a gardener shops for furniture

When a gardener shops for furniture, her eye is drawn to the wood furniture with the carvings of leaf branches.

She wonders what plant that might be and if it is botanically correct. After all, she would not want just any plant to twine up her bed post or decorate the corner of a chest of drawers.

She decides, though, that this plant is okay because it does  not have "leaves of three" so it probably isn't a horrible plant like poison ivy.

She sees these pictures of the Beatles and thinks that she would not decorate with this picture.

But she might consider other beetles. Then she thinks about how some people find insects to be creepy and might not feel at ease in a room decorated with pictures of them all over, so she decides that if someone is going to decorate with an insect motif, they should stick with butterflies and other pretty insects.
 She notes that botanical prints can still be found.

And thinks these would look good in her house because they are mostly green.

She notices this green bedside table,

And thinks that even though she likes green, it is so bright it might keep her up at night. She later sees this arrangement of potted fake plants on another bedside table,

And thinks it would be nice to wake up with it by your bed, only she would want the plants to be real.

She checks out some of the upholstered furniture,

And is reminded that just because something is floral, it doesn't mean it is pretty. She would not buy this.

She would, however, buy this chest of drawers,

Just for the arrangement on top.

Finally, when a gardener shops for furniture, she ends up in the mattress section

And is reminded that beds are for vegetable gardens and borders are for flowers and that she has spent quite enough time shopping for furniture. The garden awaits...


  1. Carol, That was a fun read~I like the chest of drawers arrangement, too. gail

  2. You are oh so right that we gardeners are drawn to anything gardeney.

  3. I'll be honest. I kind of liked the big floral. Shows my sense of taste. I think those botanical prints would look great in your dining room. Hugs.~~Dee

  4. I love the big plants-in-fruit pictures and the oak posts at the top. The leaves look cribbed from classic Acanthus motifs.

    But I could't have fake plants in my house. They'd make me think I failed as a gardener. I'd sooner grow and stage something beautiful, even if it has imperfections.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

  5. I agree about the fake plants, they sort of suck life out of a space in my opinion. I do however like that green bedside table. It could be used as an end table if it was too loud for your bedroom!

  6. Love it! This was a very pleasant read. I enjoy your blog.

  7. I agree with Dee, you need the botanical prints in your dining room!

  8. What a wonderful post. You took your readers on a little virtual shopping trip and I ended up right next to you - "Ok, enough shopping. Let's go out in the garden now." (The flowers on the chest of drawers made me want to go to a farmers' market to buy fresh cut flowers.) :)

  9. Oh, furniture shopping with a gardener, the best! Like Dee, I admired the big floral on the overstuffed chair, since it was all neutral colors. Fake flowers? No. Dried Alliums, Hydrangeas, willow stems...yes. This was fun, thanks, Carol.

  10. Funny I just purchased three botanical prints and I keep looking at this one as I have never seen a bloom like it before. It must be from Venus or is it Mars?

  11. Very cute post! I'm just the same. When I was buying curtains last year I wanted everything to have a plant or flower on it. Of course The Man Of The House was not entirely cool with that, but I do have flowers in my bedroom and leaves in the sitting room (monochrome, but better than nothing!)

  12. I don't know if I think about flowers and furntiure exactly, but flowers and curtains, dishes, tea sets, upholstery, sheets - yes! Especially roses. And a few vegetables.

  13. I, too, look for something gardening or nature when decorating. Two of my favorites-my "vegetable people" and a beautiful, colorful appliqued wall hanging which I found at a thrift shop. It says in the middle-"Let the land burst forth with every sort of seed bearing plant. And so it was". The saying is surrounded by beautiful appliqued flowers. Thanks for your blog-great as always! Sue

  14. Thanks for giving me a smile with this post this morning. You are so right - that's just what we do!


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