Where do gardening secrets come from?

The little rabbit huddled beneath the big shrub, waiting for the rain to stop, waiting for his opportunity. He could not believe that he, the smallest and slowest rabbit at May Dreams Gardens, had been selected to present Carol with the twelfth secret to achieving happiness in her garden.

While he waited for the rain to slow down, he checked and double-checked that he had the note with the secret written on it. He hoped, after all this, that once he finally delivered the message, it would be still be legible.

As the rain continued, he reflected back on the season. It had started well enough, when he was just a young bunny. There was rain when they needed it and the grass and vegetables were plentiful. Then it got hot and dry, just like the previous year, according to the old ones.  If Carol had not watered the vegetable garden and then turned her back so the rabbits could eat freely in the garden, they all might have starved. But somehow, they survived, Carol managed to keep the garden going, and now he found himself waiting under the big shrub.

Finally, the rain slowed down and he knew it was now or never. Without hesitation he hopped out from beneath the shrub and ran like a scared rabbit up to the steps of the house. He knew where to put the note. The older rabbits and garden fairies had discussed it with him. They had even practiced. There was a loose brick on the front step which they all agreed would be a good place to hide a note.

When he reached the step, the rabbit carefully moved the loose brick aside just enough to place the note under it, but not enough so that he risked it falling off the step to the ground below. He knew if that happened, he might blow their cover because there was no way he would be able to lift that brick up off the ground and put it back into place.

When he thought he had moved the brick just enough, but not too much, he carefully placed the folded note under it,  just as they had rehearsed.

So far so good, he thought. Just then he heard Carol’s footsteps. She was heading for the porch. She, too, must be taking advantage of the break in the rain to water the plants that still grew in containers under the shelter of the porch.

His mission accomplished, the rabbit hesitated for just a second, then darted away and hid beneath a nearby spruce. From there he waited and watched to see if Carol would find the note, the twelfth secret to achieving happiness in your garden.

Just then…


  1. Just then? That's it? A hawk flew down? It started raining again? He spied something good to eat? Sigh.

  2. What did the note say? What did the note say?


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