Decoded: Our thoughts turn to garden mysteries and secrets

Last night, I started watching episodes of Brad Meltzer's Decoded on The History Channel. For those who missed out on season one and the re-running of several episodes last night and this morning, Decoded features a professor/journalist, an engineer and a trial lawyer/skeptic who help author Brad Meltzer prove or disprove different mysteries and rumors of history.

I watched episodes about secret societies, the Statue of Liberty and John Wilkes Booth. Oh, and, how could I forget, I also viewed an episode about the end times as predicted by the Hopi and Mayan Indians, among others.

My thoughts turned to gardening, as they always do.

There are plenty of mysteries and rumors related to gardening, not to mention secret and not so secret societies. We could film an entire season and never leave the garden.

We could prove or disprove...

1. Who is the Old Woman in the Garden? Is she a real person? What is her background? Does she have any credentials to be offering advice?

2. What are the real origins of the Green Bandana Garden Club? Does it have ties to SGAFO or The Society? Who are the members and what do they do? Do they control what gets sold at the garden centers?

3. Where do colchicums come from? How do they emerge from the ground like that, with no protection, and have nary a spot of dirt on them?

4. How does compost work? What causes seemingly normal plant debris to turn into rich compost, full of nutrients that all plants need? Is alchemy involved?

Finally, as the season finale who could answer...

5. Do garden fairies really exist? Or are they figments of the imaginations of over-worked gardeners? We know that some garden fairies have received letters, which may or may not prove their existence. But was that a hoax? (Garden fairies here. We are insulted by this topic choice, we are garden fairies).

The garden is full of horttery, secrets, and unexplained mysteries. There is no end to the possible topics.

For our experts, I suggest myself, Dr. Hortfreud and Hortense Hoelove. Gloriosa Vanderhort will make us all look good.

It's sure to be the next big hit. Will you watch?


  1. To the garden fairies, WE know you are garden fairies. I'm not sure what Carol was thinking calling you "figments." Figments indeed. We are gardeners, and we know you exist. Otherwise, why would we build you little houses and such?~~Dee

  2. Indeed, Carol was just playing devil's advocate. She of all people knows you exist.
    Aside from that, there are apparently many mysteries that we can never hope to understand. We would need to spend too much time figuring it out when we'd rather just garden.

  3. The world and life itself are mysterious. You gotta believe!

  4. When people tell me of the odd problems or successes they have in the garden I can only remind them, "there are many mysteries in the garden."

  5. I've always loved mysteries, that must be part of why I love to garden!

    Don't worry, garden fairies, Carol knows you are no figment, no pigment, no pygmy (well, maybe a little of the latter).

    The verification word is squid. Now THAT'S mysterious!

  6. I for one am glad that my garden is full of mysteries. I think it's part of what keeps me coming back year after year. I don't think I'll ever feel bored in my garden!

  7. The entire season will be interesting and I'm curious about do garden fairies exist. Can you really do this? You can film the episodes and upload here. I look forward to watching them!


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