Fall in love with your garden all over again

October has been declared to be "Fall in love with your garden all over again" month.

You'll find no links to the source of the declaration because THIS is the source.

The weather is perfect, the garden is waiting.

If you've ever loved a garden, this month is for you.


  1. I do so hope it will turn out to be so for me. At the moment I love the garden in the morning and don't even want to look at it in the evening when another hot dry day has done its best to fry everything.

  2. I support you May Dreams and am already there. This weather, no matter how short, has me back in the garden planting for winter.

  3. With the weather being as it was this summer I need to at least have an affair with my garden this fall. Maybe love will strike next spring.

  4. Thank you Carol - I definitely intend to!

  5. Good timing, Carol. AFter a week of cold, spring rain and wind it is sunny again and I'm going outside to appreciate it.

  6. October and April----my two most favorite months.

    October--- almost time to close up shop for some well deserved rest and April---time to get outside and dig!

    A never ending circle.

  7. We have been in a seemingly endless cycle of rain, but the weather people are promising us 7 consecutive dry, warm days! Woo Hoo! Time to get those 100 daffodil bulbs I bought three weeks ago into the ground!


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