I hope

I've not seen my garden in the daylight since Monday.

I hope it is okay. I was gone. It rained.

When I got home, I went out in the dark and checked the rain gauge. There was water up to the five inch mark. Is it right? I don't know, but a plastic bucket left out seems to have water to about that same depth standing in it, so maybe it is close.

I have other hopes yet for fall.

I hope for clearer skies, October skies, so that I can plant bulbs this weekend along with a few plants that will do better over the winter if planted in the ground rather than left in pots.

I hope the rain-softened ground gives up the weeds easily, because I plan to pull weeds this weekend, too, and the last of whatever is left in the vegetable garden.

I hope that when I see my red maple in the daylight, its leaves are turning red. Fall, so far, has not been all that colorful, leaf-wise. We could use some stunning fall color.

I hope that the rains have not finished off the asters, like 'October Skies' pictured above, and they'll still have some color on them when I see them in the daylight.

I hope the rains have and will continue to rejuvenate the garden after the dry summer. So far, they seem to be doing that.

I hope that when Halloween comes around, the Halloween Hare shows mercy on my garden, no matter what condition it is in by then.  I hope you also believe in the Halloween Hare and will throw a few pieces of candy out in your garden for him to find on Halloween.

I hope you also have fun in your garden this weekend, wherever your garden is and no matter what the weather is.

I hope.


  1. Here's to all who hope in what is best and brightest. I hope and pray all the best for you and your garden.

  2. Hoping the weekend is filled with sunshine and gardening~gail

  3. May all of your hopes be realized, Carol. That is a good amount of rain, your garden must be happy. I hope you will be able to plant, weed, hoe and generally enjoy these fall days in your garden, with beautiful red leaves shining on the maple.

  4. I hope we all get what we hope for in the garden and in our lives.

  5. We got the same weather here in Michigan. I'm going out soon and am hoping for the same as you.

  6. I hope you will post about what you see in the daylight and I hope it is something good. And I hope you will send some rain this way. Please!!

  7. I hope you have fun in the garden this weekend. I will also be planting bulbs.

  8. I share your hope about the bulbs -- with the added caveat that I hope they actually show up in the mail. Where I live, in Southwest Washington, we don't have to worry about harsh winters, but we do have to worry about the rainy season. Some years it doesn't really stop raining for 6 months.

  9. I hope you will see your garden in the light of day and will enjoy what the rains have rejuvinated.


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