Garden Fairies Guest Post on a Rainy Fall Day

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have come inside to write a guest post because it is raining outside and we are garden fairies and we did not see that Carol was going to post anything so we decided we would come in, dry off, and impart some of our garden fairy rainy day wisdom on any readers who happen to read this post.

We are garden fairies and so we are wise, wiser than our size might indicate. We have been around the garden a time or two, let us tell you, and so we know lots of secrets and other stuff. Why, just the other day, Sweetpea Morningdew was talking about one secret, but we are not telling you that secret. Nor are we telling you what Ol' Sorghum Spittlebug knows. Nope. Not going to tell.

One thing we are going to tell you is that Carol isn't going to see a lot of birds at her feeders if she does not fill them up. She needs to get an umbrella, suck it up and go out there and fill those feeders. Oh, yes, she does.

If she does not, then we are going to tell her personal assistant, Miss. J. Hortaway that she is slacking. Though Miss Hortaway probably already knows that because she is a bird lover, too.

Oh, and we are garden fairies, we expect that as soon as it dries up outside, Carol will come out and do a final mowing for the season, with the mower blade set down one notch lower than normal. We are garden fairies, we insist on this. We also insist that she clean up some of the perennials in Plopper's Field before the snow flies or we will not be responsible and we will not to be blamed for all the self-sowing that will go on over there.

Really, it will be a mess by spring.

However, we are garden fairies and we insist that she leave the August Dream Garden border, pictured above, as is for the winter. The birds will like that a whole lot better. Believe us, we know this, we are garden fairies and we meet regularly with the birds in the garden to discuss current affairs and other such topics. And no, we are not talking about those kinds of affairs like they talk about on TV. We are garden fairies, we are talking about affairs such as the self-sowing in Plopper's Field.

Well, we are garden fairies as we have mentioned and we are just about dried off now and have done far more writing than intended, so we will know turn this laptop over to Miss Hortaway to do any final editing and post this for us.

Posted by,
Thorn Goblinfly
Chief Scribe of the Garden Fairies here at May Dreams Gardens



  1. I love garden fairies! So wise!!

    Happy turkey day!

  2. Dear Thorn, thanks for sharing some of your wisdom with us. I believe Carol is very lucky to have you looking over her shoulder and making suggestions. I might suggest that Carol straighten up the one hook that is holding the large feeder when she goes out to fill them. It looks like it is going to fall over!
    Fernleaf Gravelgardner
    your TN cousin


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