Guest Post: Garden Fairies Discuss Time and Whodunit

Garden fairies here. We are very excited about upcoming events that will be taking place this weekend here at our year-round home and garden, May Dreams Gardens.

We get an extra hour.

That's right, we are garden fairies, and we get an extra hour on Sunday because Carol is going to turn the clocks back one hour. Just for us garden fairies. We are garden fairies, we appreciate these kind gestures.

Wait, we are garden fairies. We do not use clocks or watches. We don't really care about time. For us it is either dusk, night, dawn, or day. That is it. Our days have those four parts. Well, we do sometimes divide the day into short shadow time and long shadow time, but that is about it. So this "falling back" one hour matters not to us.

What matters to us is that there was some kind of critter, most likely a chipmunk or maybe a squirrel, who dug in one of the containers Carol had on the front porch and they left a big ol' mess.
We are garden fairies, we do not like this because we are afraid we will be blamed and we are garden fairies, we don't make messes like these.

Oh sure, we do stuff in the garden just to make Carol wonder but we never just make a mess like this. This is amateurish.  No, we do not do this type of stuff because -- say it with us -- we are garden fairies.

We plan to organize a meeting of all the critters here at May Dreams Gardens and see if we can find out who did this. Then we are garden fairies, we will make them clean it all up. Oh, yes. We will. Because that is how it is done.

Now, when we have meetings, we follow our own rules and protocol. We will explain those later.

In the meantime, we are garden fairies and we are done with this post.

Submitted by,
Thorn Goblinfly
Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens


  1. I thought that maybe the Garden Fairies would be trying to keep time from wobbling around. It is either falling or jumping. You can never tell what time it truly is unless you follow the sun.

  2. Oh dear! I hope you find out who made that mess, garden faeries! You tell them!

  3. Thorn, I feel your pain. The stupid squirrels most like to dig in the containers on my front porch, right by the front door, where visitors are most likely to see, and step in, the potting soil mess. Maybe Carol would consider growing her container plants through an upside down, beautiful metal basket, like I did summer to foil the bushy-tailed rats.

  4. Squirrels and their fellow gang members the chipmunks are bad news! We don't even want to mention the voles... Yes, even a wildlife gardener can get pretty miffed when they destroy plantings and eat bulbs...An extra is good. gail