Guest Post: Garden Fairies write a poem

Garden Fairies here.

We have decided to write a very rarely seen garden fairy poem as a follow up to Carol's post from the other day in which she wrote a poem and also posted a poem that a squirrel supposedly wrote.

We say "supposedly wrote" in regards to the squirrel's poem because after reading it, we are highly suspicious that a squirrel actually wrote that.

We are garden fairies and we know a few things about squirrels and we have never known a squirrel to write anything, let alone a poem, which as garden fairies we know takes considerable more effort than just writing a few sentences.

But we would never come right out and say that a squirrel absolutely did not write that poem because we are garden fairies and look at us, we are writing a blog post.

We know that some people might be highly suspicious that we garden fairies are actually writing these posts but we don't care because we are garden fairies. People can believe or not believe whatever they want in our opinion as garden fairies.

And so people can believe or not believe that we actually wrote the poem that we are about to show everyone.

Before we wrote the poem, we garden fairies had a meeting and discussed what kind of poem we should write.

Ol' Sorghum Spittlebug thought we should write a limerick but that was vetoed overall because sometimes those limericks can get out of hand if you know what we mean and turn all dirty, and not dirty like dirt, but dirty as in, well, we are garden fairies, we don't really get into that kind of dirty.

Then Sweetpea Morningdew suggested that we write a sonnet. Whoa! We are garden fairies not Shakespeare, though there is some speculation that garden fairies did assist Mr. William with some of his sonnets but there is not really any proof, so everyone decided to skip that idea.

Oakleaf Spinnerweb suggested we should write an ode.  Everyone said no to the ode because that seemed like it would take too long and require a lot of thought. We are garden fairies and staying with one thought like that for awhile generally doesn't happen. No to the ode, no to the ode.

Finally, I, Thorn Goblinfly, convinced the other garden fairies that our poem should be a haiku as that will show that we are garden fairies since it is a very tidy, brief poem that matches our writing style of not using all kinds of extra, extraneous, superfluous words and would demonstrate how we try to make absolutely every single solitary word we use count for something when we decide that we are garden fairies and we are going to post something.

So without further ado, introduction or clarification, we present this haiku about squirrels:

Squirrel sitting there
Eating all the birdie's food
Making Carol mad.

Oh, we are garden fairies and we are so clever. We like haiku-type poems. We might write more of them.

Thorn Goblinfly,
Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens

(Note from the management at May Dreams Gardens:  We apologize for yet another frivolous blog post by the garden fairies and promise to return to serious garden blogging in the near future.)


  1. Oh, those darn squirrels. Well done GF's. Carol might be mad when she wakes up to see what you have done.

  2. A wonderful haiku! Without any extra, extraneous, superfluous words! I love the garden fairies. They may be divas but they are the rock stars of haiku.

  3. I love these posts! I believe in garden fairies:) All squirrels know how to do is get into birdfeeders:)

  4. Delightful haiku. I hope it makes you feel better about the squirrels. They are thieving rascals. Enough to rial anyone.

  5. Haiku's are favs of mine GF....I love this one! gail PS Squirrels hardly ever give up trying to get bird seed, I think you'll be writing more posts about them.

  6. We love your haiku, Thorn, and hope to see more. You all are a good group of Garden Fairies,very talented.


  7. All that buildup, and then a haiku? Really, Garden Fairies you could have done a bit more unless, of course, you're into Zen gardening now too.~~Dee

  8. Wow! Garden Fairies are my new heros. They used my favorite word in their story "superfluous". And they obviously know the meaning of the word "superfluous" because they got right to the point of their post and didn't just ramble on and on and on about some squirrel and some poem they were going to write. Kudos, Mr. Goblinfly in choosing a haiku - brilliant, insightful, pointed (like my head, ha) and completely rational thinking on your part. Did I ever tell you about the time I wrote a poem? Well, see, it was about a tee-shirt and...

  9. I love fairy figurine as well as magical fairies, a flower fairy and amy brown fairies.



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