I stowed summer away

I stowed summer away for the winter under a big tarp that looks like camouflage.

The garage is full and I don't have a shed, so this is the best I could do.

I've hidden a table and four chairs, two lounge chairs, two birdbaths, several large pots, a small bench, and other decorative garden items under that tarp.

It was windy as all get out when I tied that tarp down so I feel pretty confident that the tarp is tied down enough that it won't go flying off in the middle of winter.

There is nothing worse than seeing the tarp covering summer fly off in the wintertime, leaving it all exposed to the ice and snow. Summertime garden stuff does not like wintertime, at all.

I posted a few years ago that I always think of The Beverly Hillbillies when I tie that tarp down over all that stuff. I even wrote some lyrics to their theme song, which looking back on them, aren't all that bad.

Come listen to a story about a gardener like me,
A gardener who happens to be in good ol’ 5b,
Now one day I’m gardening and I see a bit of frost
And then the plants succumbed and I was lost.

Cold that is, wintertime, Indiana snow.

Well the first thing you know I’m running around
Pulling all the annuals up out of the ground
They said the indoors is the place I oughta be
So I loaded up the patio and moved some plants indoors.

Sunroom, that is.
Blooming plants, forced bulbs.

The Wintertime Gardeners!

Well, okay, I agree, those lyrics aren't all that good either.

Anyway, I've reached the point of fall clean up where if we had a big snow storm I wouldn't be panicking and running around like the sky is falling. I still have some stuff to do, but I feel like there will be time to do it before the snow really flies around here. 

It's a good point to be at, just ask any gardener in good ol' 5b.


  1. I think whatever zone a gardener is in there are some 'getting ready for winter' chores. I'm glad you've gotten most of yours done!

  2. I was hoping you had a magical tarp, Carol, and you once you lifted it, summer would return. Ah well, still it's good to have most of the fall chores done and know that you can sit back and relax if winter comes early. I was out late this morning planting the last of my spring bulbs and nearly blew away, but I'm glad they're finally in the ground.

    I think your lyrics are every bit as clever as the original:)

  3. I enjoyed this very much. I laughed out loud when you spoke of your tarp - I have one or two that I bring into service this time of year too (for our patio table and chairs and the grandchildren's toys.

    I too am busy getting my garden jewelry stored away for the winter. There is so much to do this time of year; we are truly on borrowed time!

  4. I like your lyrics very much Carol - it is a nice time of year, when things slow down a bit, the tarp is tied down, and there is time to catch your breath and think :)

  5. cute song. We don't receive snow here in North Florida, we have had our first frost.

  6. I want that camouflage tarp. My darling husband just wrapped up our air conditioner in a tarp that's a subtle shade of brilliant blue. Now the thing I want most to disappear in my garden is the first, perhaps the only thing you notice.

  7. Being in a place where you won't panic when the snow flies is a good place to be.

  8. I think that song is flat out clever. I hear it in my head, and likely won't ever hear the Beverly Hillbillies song again without hearing your rendition.


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