It's time

The garden is bare now, except for the weeds left from a season that silently, softly slipped away.

With fall days that felt more like summer,  the only sure sign that this was the end of the season was the curtain of dusk that fell earlier each day, until finally a freeze brought the curtain down for good a few days ago.

Now it’s time to reflect on the past season and plan for a new season.   It’s time to explore some rabbit holes.  It’s time to figure out what is next for me and my garden.

It's time to write.


Layanee said…
Everyone needs reflection time don't you think?
Jess said…
You know, someone here was asking me about my 'winter garden' a few weeks ago, and I looked at them sheepishly, and said, I don't do winter gardens. Despite the fact that I could, I find it is better for me to spend some time dreaming and planning and wishing for, and to build back that fever that only grey and brown patches of earth can bring you given a few months to simmer.
It seems like you just set out those temporary bed shapes a few weeks ago. I hope you have time to do lots of writing...I'm looking forward to reading it!
And the word verification is aerate!
Rohrerbot said…
A pro to living in colder climates is that you get time to plan and organize your gardens:) But that also means you have to wait until spring.....but I do love to plan.
Dreaming about and planning for the garden is one of my favorite "chores".
Rock rose said…
Don't know about you but I'm ready for a break. I'll bet the cold front last night put paid to a lot of my plants so there will be a lot of clearing to do.
Unknown said…
In Novemeber the cool is welcome after long seasons of tending gardens. It gives us time to turn our attention to other things. I think I am going to try to blog hop more this winter again as well as do some crafting. The cold isn't so welcome in March though when we are itching to get out there and get started with the planting.