Dear Garden in Winter

Dear Garden,

Dearest Garden,

Dear Garden in Winter,

I am entrusting to your care these little plants that I was not able to find just the right homes for before it got cold, so I planted them out in their pots up next to the house in an area that is somewhat protected.

These include a mix of plants I bought and some that were sent to me to try out. I hope you will take good care of them. Please let them know that if they hang on through the winter, I promise to find good homes for them as soon as I can dig in the spring.

You might encourage them a bit with a pep talk about how just hunkering down until spring and going dormant for the winter will be a veritable walk in the park compared to what they endured during the hot, dry summer when they were trying to grow and I kept forgetting to water them.

Dear Garden in Winter, you might also cooperate with some snow cover during the coldest days, but please, no ice. Also, under no circumstances should you let the rabbits know about these plants because they might decide that these would make a tasty lunch some bright sunny, wintry day.

From time to time, weather permitting, I will come around for a visit, so please take care of not only these plants but all the plants in the garden. Well, all the plants in the garden except for that darn henbit and chickweed. You can give as much of those weeds to the bunnies to eat as they will eat. Garden in Spring has assured me that she does not need or want them.

I truly appreciate your help, Garden in Winter, and offer greetings of the season and best wishes through the next few months.


P.S. Oh, and one more thing, I have a special plant in the garden now with flowers just for you. I'll let you see it on the 15th for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.


  1. What a sweet post to your garden in winter. I bet it will watch over your plants.~~Dee

  2. You've left me pondering the meaning of "hortifully." Hmmm...


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