It's December. The squirrel knows it. The calendar shows it.

Many of us will pause as we flip our calendar over to this last month of the year and wonder how it came to be that another year has nearly passed.

We'll think of the plans we made for our gardens at the beginning of the year, and wonder what became of those plans, if we can even remember them.

We may have started the year with a list of resolutions that were just for gardeners. How long did they last before we reverted back to our old ways, our old habits, our same old plants?

December with its shorter days invites reflection. It begs us to look back and think about the year. I think we should give in and slow down in December, take time to take stock of the past year, the past garden, and quietly reflect on it all before the days slowly, gradually begin to lengthen again. Before we know it, we'll be turning the calendar page once again and wondering how a full year has gone by.

Taking time to slow down is counter to what is around us now. We are bombarded with ads and signs telling us we must shop and cook and decorate. There is so much to do, to see. There are cards to send, presents to buy, cookies to bake, people to see in the next several weeks.

But the shorter days, the season, call for reflecting back, for remembering. Hopefully, we'll make time for that time.

Here's one of my favorite songs for doing just that, fittingly called "Seasons".


  1. Yes, it is that time of year when we begin to reflect upon what has been and what we hope will be. The Season they roll away...

  2. Beautiful song, beautiful video. Thank you.

  3. A beautiful post, Carol. Sometimes this season is so busy that it's over before we've really had time to enjoy it. Words of wisdom here, and I loved the song!

  4. Its the time of year when I celebrate - my blog's 4th blogoversary. And I am Giving Away Debra Lee Baldwin's book Succulent Container Gardens, and a copy of my own book, The Roses at the End of the Road.

  5. I can't believe it's December. I love this post and the song is beautiful. Thank you.

  6. When I flipped my calendar to December I automatically started thinking about the year to come. Thanks for the reminder to reflect and remember! :-)

    Nate Armstrong

  7. Thank you for reminding us to slow down and reflect, no matter what the media is shouting at us to do.

  8. What a beautiful song and a beautiful video to match. Thank you for making me, today, stop and reflect upon this past year and to be thankful for all its blessings. Living in Texas, there are only 2 seasons, hot and less hot. Having grown up in Massachusetts, I do miss the changing of the seasons. Thank you for reminding me of their innate meaning.

  9. Thanks for sharing!

    One thing that I have noticeably slowed down on is my blog. It hasn't shut down for the winter, but I don't feel as much of a pressure to keep it updated either.

  10. So enjoyed you winter garden blog its been so mild here and like you winter has crept up on us too quick to enable us to get all our plants planted.

    Look forward to seeing your garden in Spring 2012.

    Thanks for sharing Scotkat

  11. You've written it in a form of a poem - great creativity. Yes December may have shorter days but the atmosphere and holiday season brightens the whole month up. I never heard seasons before - it's awesome! Glad that I found this blog - it's bookmarked :)


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