Garden Photography Rabbit Hole with an iPhone

Rabbit hole alert.

But oh, what a fun rabbit hole this is.

I lost my footing and starting to slide down this little rabbit hole when I found David Perry's new blog, A Photographer's Garden Blog.

His most current post is about using your iPhone and the Camera+ app to create some interesting pictures.  He made it look easy, fun actually, with no fancy talk of apertures, f-stops and multiple lenses.

Just an iPhone and an app and a few minutes...

What fun this will be.

This watering can hook picture is my second picture with Camera+, which I spent all of five minutes taking and editing.

I took the picture, cropped it into a square, applied the Nostalgia effect, added the Old Timer's border and a caption, then applied the Shade scene.

It's not going to win any photography contests, not by a long row of peas in the garden, but it was fun to do.

My first shot was taken last night.

I applied so many changes to it that I couldn't even begin to find my way back to where it started.  Well, it actually started when I went to the Indy Winter Farmers Market and saw two rosemary plants side by side at one of the booths there, but that's a whole different rabbit hole to write about some other day.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, go get Camera+ for 99 cents and give it a try. Then keep checking David Perry's new blog because I'm sure he has many more photography tricks he's going to be sharing in the months ahead.


  1. Wow, Carol, you are looking like a pro with that phone! Well done.

  2. Thank you Carol. I can't wait to try it!

  3. Oooo, cooooool. Very nice work, Carol. I'll zip over to David's site and see what's up -- thanks.

  4. Wonderful and it looks like a fun app! gail

  5. Ahhhh, that siren's song, that tasty, picture-editing Kool-Aid. Drink up, dear Carol, drink . . . and fall, deeper and deeper into the Wonderland of your own imagination.

  6. Oh, baby, this stuff sure is addicting. But such fun!

  7. Glad that I read your post - maybe 'Camera' could be my first ever app. purchase :) Off to investigate forthwith.


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