Guest Post: Garden Fairies Revealed, Almost

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and something happened recently that has all just quivering a bit.

We were almost discovered.

We are garden fairies. Let us repeat that.

We were almost discovered.

That's right, Sweetpea Morningdew opened up the garden fairy door just a tiny crack and we think Carol saw Sweetpea out of the corner of her eye. Ol'Sorghum Spittlebug saved the day, though, and likely saved us garden fairies from being revealed, because he pulled Sweetpea back away from the door just as Carol got up to take a closer look.

Carol thought she was so clever because she took a picture of the door with her iPhone. But we are garden fairies so we messed up all the editing of the picture so you can't really tell much from it.

Whew, that was sure a close call.

Now, you are all probably asking yourselves why it is that Sweetpea Morningdew opening up the garden fairy door would reveal us garden fairies. Why wouldn't the actual presence of the garden fairy door reveal to Carol that garden fairies are nearby?

Well, we are garden fairies and we don't have to answer questions like that.

Anyway, we are garden fairies and we have come inside for the winter. It is very nice here. There are lots of plants in the sun room right now, though we understand why and are sad about that. But yeah, plants!

We are garden fairies and we love to play amongst the plants, but some of those plants are in containers without good drainage, so Carol really needs to repot them into pots that have good drainage.

We garden fairies are going to make it our project to get Carol to repot those plants, as long as it doesn't take too much work on our part. We are garden fairies after all and can't be expected to do work like that. Though, when Carol does repot those plants, you can be sure that we are garden fairies and we will be there to hide tools, fling some potting soil around, and generally make it interesting, and fun. We are garden fairies, we like to have fun.

But first we need to get Carol to put up the Christmas tree. The tree fairies are getting quite anxious because the big day is just a few weeks away and we are garden fairies, and tree fairies, and we need that tree to be up so we can have our parties and holiday fun.  No one knows how to have holiday fun like a tree fairy. We are garden fairies, trust us on this, we know.

We will keep everyone posted on our projects to get Carol to do some stuff around here because we are garden fairies and we don't like to tease people or leave them hanging, wondering what is next. We would never do that.  Carol might, be we would not. We are garden fairies.

Oh, that reminds us, we are garden fairies and we have some really big plans for after the holidays. But we don't have time to tell you what those plans are just yet. Some other day...

Submitted by,
Thorn Goblinfly
Chief Scribe for the nearly revealed garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens "dot com"


  1. Close one! But Carol really is a nice would actually enjoy meeting her. Maybe someday....

  2. Wow, that WAS a close one! Glad ol' Sorghum was johnny on the spot! I hope Carol gets that tree up soon for the tree fairies, and repots those plants that need it. I trust you will see it through to completion, because, as you like to remind us, you are garden fairies.


  3. Hello Garden Fairies,

    You may wonder why I visit often, but rarely comment. It's because I know that if I am very quiet, very careful, very quick I'll catch you out one day!



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