hortisma: n

1. a special personal quality or power of a garden making it capable of influencing or inspiring large numbers of people
2. a quality inherent in a garden which inspires great enthusiasm and devotion

Examples of its use in a sentence:

The Lurie Garden in Chicago had a special hortisma about it that caused people to visit there many times on a single visit to Chicago.


Her garden did not seem at first glance to be anything unusual, but she was under the spell of its hortisma and spent hours weeding, watering and watching it each day.

You don't see hortisma in a garden, you feel it.


  1. Hortisma...it will soon be in the dictionary.

  2. A word we've been needing to describe that feeling! gail

  3. The perfect word to explain that elusive feeling.

  4. I look forward to discovering with you which Asheville Fling gardens have the greatest hortisma.

  5. I love this word and your two examples are spot on.


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