Happy Houseplant Season!

'Tis the day after Christmas, the official beginning of houseplant season.

Did you forget to water your houseplants while your attention was distracted with shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, gift-giving, gift-receiving, traveling, eating, greeting, and other ings of the Christmas season?

Then you are in luck because the best way to celebrate houseplant season is to water your houseplants.

Water them well until the  water is coming out of the bottom of the pot, but don't let those plants sit in saucers of that water. In fact, it might be easier and less of a mess if you took the plants over to the nearest sink to water them.

While you are watering the plant, letting water drain out the bottom of the pot and into the sink, check for signs of insects and diseases, pull off dead, yellowing leaves and wash off the leaves that are left. And since you are doing all that why not scrape off a little of that top layer of potting soil and replace with some fresh top soil?

Go all out for the beginning of houseplant season.

And if you feel like you are watering a dead plant, take a deep breath, say good bye to it and dump it on the top of the compost pile, where it can decompose and relive again as good compost. Then scrub up the pot and find a new plant to put in it.

Then water that plant well.

After all, it's houseplant season. Let the dirt fly, let the fun begin.

Happy Houseplant Season!


Layanee said…
Really? The day after Christmas is the beginning of Houseplant Season? Okay, that is when they get a bit more attention! LOL
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks for the reminder! The orchid next to my desk DOES need watering.
danger garden said…
Happy Houseplant Season to you too Carol! I've always celebrated but didn't realize others do to. Out with the Christmas decor and in with freshened up houseplants!
I laughed when I read this post Carol. I just finished watering my poor neglected house plants. Thanks for the reminder.
Gail said…
Thank you I needed this reminder and my plants thank you. gail
David said…
I just watered mine last night. Now for the plants in the makeshift greenhouse. Ooops.
Sounds like a good season. Happy Houseplant Season.~~Dee
Helen Malandrakis said…
My houseplants are neglected during the Christmas season, but I do have a prayer plant that has been sending up stalks with little purple flowers at the top. I have never seen that before this year.
I have been doing fairly well keeping mine watered, but there are a few that need to go out to the compost pile. I'm thinking if I cut my scented geranium way back, that may help it do better.
hardinars said…
Love the tips. I do water my plants but honestly, I feel guilty of leaving dead leaves and not replacing top layer with fresh soil. Now, time to pamper the plants this season! Happy Holidays!
Thanks for reminding us! Can't wait to start making my orchid green house. :)