International Fertilizer Day... One Year From Today

One of my college text books*
I don't know what we'll do or how we'll celebrate.

I don't know who will join in or who will think it is a bunch of horse manure.

Mark your calendars...

I'm declaring one year from today, December 12, 2012, to be...

International Fertilizer Day


12-12-12, good ol' Triple 12, will be  a day to fawn over fertilizer, pontificate on plant nutrients, converse about compost.

This once in a lifetime event will be open to all and feature both inorganic and organic fertilizers.

It will be all fertilizer, all day long with special celebrations at 12:12 pm in whatever location you are in.

We can share thoughts and ideas about compost, manure tea, anhydrous ammonia, phosphorus, potassium, and minor nutrients.  We can reminisce about fertilizers of the past and discuss fertilizers of the present.

We can muse about what happens to plants when they get too much fertilizer and what happens to plants when they don't get enough fertilizer.

We can have quizzes to find out who knows the most about plant fertility and fertilizers.

We can do whatever we want to do because we have a year to plan for it.

International Fertilizer Day, 12-12-12.

Just imagine the possibilities.

*Yes, that is an actual textbook from my college days. Don't even think about commenting about how it looks like one of my old antique gardening books.  Inside are my secret notes handwritten in the margins. No, you can't see them, they are my secret notes.


  1. I must think of the right outfit to wear! I'm so glad there is time to prepare. Such fun!

  2. HA, what to wear? Such a dilemma. Much boots seem a good idea.

  3. I will celebrate with you but it is a little late for spreading it here.

  4. I love this idea 11-11-11 was Nigel Tufnel day so why not 12-12-12 International Fertilizer Day? I agree, have to find the right boots for this occasion, Your ideas leave so many exciting opportunities to celebrate!

  5. I agree with Fairegarden, we should all wear Muck boots. I wonder if I can find that clip from Hello, Dolly, where Barbra says, "Money is like manure, you've got to spread it around."

  6. Goodness, you make me laugh my friend. Fertilizer day it is.~~Dee

  7. I think International Fertilizer Day is a great idea. I'm going to make up a reading list beginning with Holy Shit by Gene Logsdon.

  8. Brilliant! I can't wait! I will make sure my compost and fish emulsion are ready to go to work on 12-12-12! And I think I'll pick up and big tub of manure from the stables. What a celebration! ;-)

  9. hahaha, what a good idea, Int'l Fertilizer Day! I also smiled when you said you have your notes on the book margins. Now you made me remember my difficulties during college days how to compute for the fertilizer amount to put in the mixture, when you are given different fertilizer forms. Do you remember that? You have amonium sulfate, urea, potasium chloride, muriate of potash, etc, etc, and you have to compute for the requirement of a certain plant to be planted in 10,500square meters! hahaha, can you figure out my dilemma then. Now that we are grown-up, we don't compute anymore, we just put whatever we want but we know it will not be harmful. However, the advent of organic fertilizers maybe made it more difficult to compute, because its contents vary depending on the materials decomposed! Whew, i am glad i am not graded on them anymore!


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