Life of a Christmas Wreath: A One Act Play

Life of a Christmas Wreath
A One Act Play
Based on a True Story
Carol M.

Cast of Characters

Wreath ………………………....… A simple wreath made from white pine boughs
Various flowers, leaves, and berries ... A few simple adornments on the wreath

TIME: Winter
SETTING: A gardener's workshop


(We see the pine boughs, dried flowers, leaves and berries strewn about a workbench.)

(All chattering at once)
Hey everyone. Looks like we get to hang out together. This is so cool to end up as a wreath and not compost. Hey, gardener/florist lady, that tickles. Watch my berries, please, I don't want to lose any. Over here, can you tuck me in a little tighter? I have a fear of falling.


Welcome, all you flowers, leaves, and berries. Oh, and the pine cones, too. I'm pleased to have you all on board. If everyone could just hang on tight now...

(Light fades slowly, as the gardener/florist finishes making the wreath and shuts off the shop lights.)


(The wreath with all the flowers, leaves, and berries on it hangs on a display hook at a local farmer's market..)


Okay everyone. Hang on. Look pretty. Oh, look. Here comes someone we might want to go home with. Smile, whisper "Merry Christmas".

(A gardener named Carol comes by and admires the wreaths and chooses from all of them the WREATH.)


Oh my blooming radishes. She chose us. This is exciting. I wonder where our new home is going to be? Oh, I sure hope it is a pretty door. Everyone hold tight, she's carrying us off. Whee. This is fun.

Now don't be afraid little leaves and berries and dried flowers. It's only going to be dark for a little bit while we are in the trunk of her car. Stay close.

(Light fades as the wreath is transported in the trunk.)


(The lights come back as the trunk lid opens.)


We're here. Everyone, look pretty. Oh no! Is that one of those self-stick hooks? She's not really going to hang us with that is she?


I don't like this. That hook isn't going to stay. Wreath, you should have gone on a diet.


Hey, no one likes a skinny wreath. I like to think I'm seasonably plump.

(A giant thud is heard as the hook releases its grip and the WREATH with all the FLOWERS, LEAVES, and BERRIES falls to the ground.)


Oh dear, is everyone okay? Help! Help! We've fallen and we need some help getting up.


(The lights come back up and the wreath is hanging on the door again.)


Whew, that was a close call. This new hook is much better. It's very sturdy. I think it will hold us for the entire six months that we are supposed to last. Is everyone here? Is everyone okay?


We are fine. I think. That sure was exciting. Okay, everyone, remember why we are here. Together now, let's practice. Welcome. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Hi. Come back and see us again. Welcome.

(Light gradually fades as the wreath and all the flowers, leaves, and berries hang from the door greeting all who enter.)



  1. Exciting! Suspenseful! You will laugh and you will hold your breath with fear! But the happy ending is just what we hope for.

  2. Anyone can see that your chosen wreath is very dramatic and beautiful. I think such a drama queen might have wished for more than a one act play, but I guess a six month run makes up for all that. Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh I just couldn't stop reading! Your wreath is breathtaking!!!

  4. That wreath is gorgeous! No wonder it gets its own one act play. (Clapping.)

  5. That's a beautiful wreath with an exciting story! gail


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