Discussing movies with Dr. Hortfreud

Hi Dr. Hortfreud.

Hello Carol. I hear you saw several movies last week.

Oh yes, I did, Dr. Hortfreud. I saw three of them.

Care to tell me about them?

Sure. First I saw War Horse. There were some great scenes of the Irish country side in it. I can see why they call Ireland the Emerald Isle. It was so pretty. There was also a scene where the horse was hitched to a plow and they were trying to plow a field full of rocks.

Next I saw My Week with Marilyn. That one took place in rural England. There were some lovely garden scenes, mostly in the summer time. But in one scene Marilyn and Colin were walking under a big arbor and some of those leaves looked like they were turning colors for Autumn. That bothered me a bit.

Then I saw The Descendants. Wow, George Clooney and Hawaii. I've never seen so many tropical flowers and palm trees. Plus there were great scenes showing huge areas of the native Hawaiian landscape on Kauai. It made me feel warm to see all those blooms and big tropical plants.


Yes, Dr. Hortfreud?

Have you noticed that you described all the movies by the plants and landscape in them?

I did?

Yes, you did.

Oh, if that concerns you, then maybe I won't tell you about my movie rating system.

Rating system?

Yes, for how garden-y a movie is. If it is about gardening or a gardener, then it gets five daisies. If it isn't about gardening, but the landscape and flowers are both pretty and appropriate to the movie, then it gets four daisies. If it uses neutral flowers and landscape, then it gets three daisies. Two daisies are for those movies that really botch up the landscape with atrocities like fall foliage in the spring time. One daisy is reserved for movies with no landscape or flowers.

That's, um, interesting, Carol. Would you even go see a two or one daisy movie?

Oh, I might, depending on my mood. But I really prefer four and five daisy movies.

Well, Carol, thank you, this has been insightful.

Want to go to a movie with me, Dr. Hortfreud?

Sure, but only if it is a four or five daisy movie.


  1. I like your rating system. Please name your top two five daisy movies. Thanks, Layanee

  2. I love your Daisy rating system. There are certainly too many movies with one or two daisies these days.

  3. It sounds like you chose some good daisy rated movies. That rating system works for me!

  4. One of my biggest surprises was learning that stylists or whatever they are called actually GLUE FAKE flowers on plants to make things look more flowery for movies. Or they cram in pots of flowers to make gardens look full. They even do this for some photo shoots for magazines. Talk about make believe!

  5. Tee hee - I sat in bed this morning watching Bridge Over the River Kwai his morning and spent most of the time identifying all the tropical foliage ;)

    Happy New Year Carol!

  6. I love your movie rating system.

    I think that you could use the same system for rating float in the Rose Parade.

    Happy New Year.


  7. I agree let's see your 4 or 5 daisy list. I have such a list, but I would love to see more. I give 5 daisies to Greenfingers, Green Card,Saving Grace(If pot counts)and A Man Called Pearl.

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  9. Wow, you're harsh on the poor production design teams. What rating would you give the new Jane Eyre, with flowering bulbs obviously just stuffed into the grass for the shot?
    What if it's a movie about gardening, like The Secret Garden, but there are horticultural "atrocities"?

  10. My two favorite gardening films are Saving Grace with Craig Ferguson and Green Card with Gerard Depardieu. Good Gardening films are difficult to find.

  11. Clever you, Carol.

    I rate your post 5 daisies due to the abundance of mental floral imagery experienced while reading this post.

    Wishing you joyful gardening in 2012 and beyond! Debra

  12. Waiting breathlessly for the "5 daisies" list. I can't think of a single one....except an old TV Movie with Bing Crosby "Dr. Cook's Garden"....and that one really wasn't about a garden....

  13. Ooh, I love this rating system! A few possible four or five daisy movies might be 'A Room with a View', 'Jean de Florette', and 'Saving Grace'.


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