Gardening Friends Will Gather

"Over and above fostering equanimity, the cultivation of a garden promotes the tenderer graces and extends the sweet charities of life."

In other words, gardeners are generally, calm, nice, and giving people.

The first fling was in 2008 in Austin, Texas
"I need no introduction to a person who has a garden; and be his or her rank what it may, I go, opening the gate, whether a huge iron or a humble wicket, with a proud confidence, certain to find a man and a brother, or a woman and a sister."

Gardeners automatically have a lot in common and can just start talking about gardening and plants, wherever they gather.

The second fling was in Chicago in 2009.
"Love of gardening creates a safe freemasonry among those who cherish it."

This common love of gardening is a bond, even amongst strangers.

For the third fling, we gathered in Buffalo, NY.
"I stand on no ceremony, tender no excuse or apology, proffer no introduction, but say at once, 'What magnificent honeysuckle!' or 'Where do you get those splendid tuberous begonias?' and lo! we are friends at once."

Friendships have been made quickly at each fling, over one plant or another.

The last fling was in Seattle, Washington
"I have made many a life-long friend by a bold intrusion and instant conference over a Paeony or a Michaelmas Daisy I had not seen before."

At every fling, gardeners find kindred spirits and leave looking forward to meeting them again at the next fling.

The next garden bloggers' fling will be in May in Asheville, North Carolina. Do you have a garden blog? Are you coming?

(All quotes are from a passage in The Garden that I Love by Alfred Austin, 1894. It's amazing how the types of friendships that gardeners have amongst each other haven't really changed in over 100 years.)


  1. Hi there! Yes, I have a garden blog and no I probably won't make it to NC this year. But, I am making it to the Northwest Flower and Garden show in Seattle in Feb. I love this post and have found this to be so the word freemasonry in the second quote. :)

  2. Going to all of these flings, seeing you and so many other gardening friends old and new, is so wonderful and special, words cannot express the joy. But Alfred Austin certainly does a fine job of it! Counting the days until Asheville Fling 2012!


  3. Gardeners are, indeed, generous souls right down to their roots. I am looking forward to meeting up with treasured friends from past Flings and meeting many new ones!

  4. I know it will be another exciting adventure with good friends and a beautiful backdrop. I can't believe this will be the fifth one!

  5. Wouldn't miss it, Carol. It's in my neck of the woods this year.

    I look forward to seeing you again and many more of my garden blogging friends.

    My perfume of choice since moving to Carolina is Chigger Repellent. They don't die even during the "so called " winters here so I suggest everyone stock up!

  6. I've found that gardeners don't stay strangers very long. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Asheville!

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  8. I'm excited about seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

  9. Yes, see my garden blog (new) at

  10. Step by step, I'm making my plans to be there. I haven't yet figured out if flying or driving will be my mode of transportation. How will you be making the trip?

  11. I wish I had time to do a fling ;) So gardeners gather and exchange tips and what not? Btw the photos are lovely! Thanks.


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