I waited a few days to decide on a resolution

Viola in the garden on Jan. 1.
A waited a few days before I decided on a New Year's resolution.

I just didn't want to rush into anything and let myself down if I failed at my New Year's resolution before the sun set on the first day of the year. I wanted to think it over.

Once I thought of my resolution, just to be sure, I actually floated the idea of it on Facebook and many people "liked" it. I was heartened by this and took it as a sign that I was on the right path.

Or rather as we gardeners would say, I took it as a sign that I'd pulled a weed and left a good plant. Or maybe that I'd chosen the right row to hoe. Or that I hadn't gone out on a limb that I'd eventually have to saw off. Or that I had some good seeds in my hand.

Armed with this affirmation, I'm ready to reveal my resolution, to put it into writing. After all, I wrote a few days ago that what gets written gets done. That may or may not be true, but at least I find that I'm more likely to do something if I write down that I need to do it. I don't know if this is because I like to check things off a list or if it is because I need the list to remind me that I need to do something.

Regardless, I am now ready to write down and publish my New Year's resolution right here, on this blog, for all to see, for all to remind me.

Garden fairies here! What is all that gibberish that Carol wrote? Was she really going to tell everyone about her New Year's resolution or was this going to be one of those teaser posts where she gets close to telling it and then wonder of wonders, she runs out of time and ends the post leaving everyone hanging?

We are garden fairies, we would never do that. It's not our style. We have style, too. Just ask Carol's stylist, Gloriosa Vanderhort. Most of what Gloriosa knows about style she learned from us garden fairies. It's true. Just ask her about what Sweetpea Morninglory taught her. But don't ask her how it is going with Carol as her client. That's a bit of a sore subject. Carol doesn't take to style very well, it seems, unless it comes in green.

That's why we've taken over this post. We are going to make sure Carol's New Year's resolution gets written down right here, on this blog, just as she said she was going to do. 

We are garden fairies and wait a minute. We've been had. Bamboozled. Radished. Carol didn't tell us her resolution so we can't write it down here. Oh no, this is a tragedy. Wait though. Run, hide. She's returning to the laptop.

My New Year's resolution is the universal gardener's resolution. I'm going to make this year's garden my best garden ever. How will I do that, you may ask?

Garden fairies here again. That's a lame resolution. Geez. We could have thought of that one. And how is Carol going to do this?

We are garden fairies. We must stop Carol at this point, once again. If she reveals how she is going to make this year's garden her best one yet, we fear she will be revealing too many gardening secrets. We are garden fairies. We must caucus about this and decide if we are going to allow her to tell more gardening secrets. By the way, we are garden fairies and caucus is a new word for us. We heard it on TV. We don't know quite what it means, but we know it means something about meeting and deciding. Anyway, Carol has told quite enough gardening secrets. What's left to reveal? A lot is left to reveal, we are garden fairies and we know this. She has just scratched the surface of gardening secrets. We are garden fairies, we must think about this. But not right now, Carol is returning.

Garden fairy parts of this post, in italics, submitted by:
Thorn Goblinfly, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens

A second resolution is to provide more useful gardening information on this blog. Looking back at this post, what is there for a gardener to take from it and use to improve their own garden, to enjoy it more? Well, there is the universal gardener's resolution.

Feel free to adopt that resolution as your own and together we can figure out how to make it happen.


  1. Thanks Carol and Thorn, for brightening my morning coffee! I believe your resolution is one all gardeners can get behind. I wish you well in its pursuit.

  2. For one thing you could get the garden fairies to help you in the garden as you might need some help to make your garden the very best. Here I have my DB to help me do my very best.

  3. An excellent resolution, Carol. I'm going to start by taking your advice and do some winter sowing and checking out lots of gardening books from the library. If the fairies have any other secrets for creating that perfect garden, I'd love to know them!

  4. I always love to see what the garden fairies are up to in your garden. They can't get into too much mischief at this time of the year. That is a big strategic resolution - I await the tactical steps - so I can use them too.

  5. For little things, those garden fairies sure are bossy!! Thanks for making my morning cup of coffee more fun.

    Seriously though, your resolution to provide more gardening tips on the blog is one I need to adopt to take my blog to the next level. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Just for a few minutes I thought it really was going to be 'one of those teaser posts'. Good resolutions Carol...I wish you the best of luck with them!

  7. This may be the best resolution I have ever heard: much more original than "I will start to go to the gym" and others!
    I wish you to succeed!

  8. Excellent resolution and I look forward to learning many of your secrets to growing the very best garden. And of course reading all the mischief the fairies get into this year.

  9. I'll do my best to share your resolution. Thorn has me wondering, btw: what do my garden fairies say about me behind my back?

  10. Your resolution hits all of us gardeners with hope and promise. Happy new year!


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