Not having the plant is punishment enough

Euphorbia milii
I confess.

I broke one of the cardinal rules of gardeners.

Namely, when you see a plant you want, get it.

I saw a crown of thorns, Euphorbia milii, for sale. It had bright yellow bracts instead of the pink bracts that are more commonly sold, that I already have.

I wanted it. I picked it up. I looked it over. It was the last one. It was a little rough looking. You'd be rough looking too if you were sitting in a big box mega-sized grocery store waiting for someone to buy you.

I told myself I had no business looking at house plants. I've got more house plants than house right now. Then I told myself "But you've never seen a yellow one".

I resisted. I put it back. I forgot about it. I moved along. I bought groceries. I went home. I thought no more of it. It's in the past. I didn't get it.

Then I started to water the house plants. Oh, so many of them, but none of them was Euphorbia milii with yellow bracts.

I realized then that I wanted it, that I'd broken the rule about "when you see a plant you want, get it".

I hope it is there when I go back tomorrow. Or maybe I should go back now? That store never closes. The plant should still be there.

Or will it be gone? Perhaps another gardener saw it? Maybe they bought MY plant. My yellow bracted (is bracted a word?) crown of thorns.

I confess.

Please be kind and don't chastise me for not buying this plant. Not having the plant now is punishment enough.


Shady Gardener said…
I'm sure you need Bract-to-bract crowns of thorn. Just hustle bract to the store tomorrow. Hopefully it'll still be there!!! :-)
Unknown said…
Well, did you go back and get it? Carol? I guess you must have.
I'm sad for you and for me. Your post just reminded me of the crown of thorns I lost last year in my unheated greenhouse. It was a pink one, but such a cool plant. I hope you get your yellow one and maybe someday I'll get another pink one. Please keep us posted. In the meantime, I wouldn't mention this little garden faux pas to the garden fairies. You know how they can be. And don't beat yourself up too much over this, or you'll need a visit with Dr. Hortfreud!
Anonymous said…
I hope you went back already, and that your crown of thorns was waiting for you?
Andrea said…
Oh Carol, you are forgiven, yes thinking the way you are now is punishment enough, i can fully relate with you. I hope it is still there. If only you are just here in the country, i will send you that because my mother has it, and it propagates easily and fast. In reality, i don't want them in ours because of the thorns and a doctor friend said its milky sap is poisonous. But of course, nobody will drink the sap. I like to look at them, but i dont want them home. It became a fad here too that my mother wasn't able to resist having some plants.
I have often had that same conversation in my head. I should always go with my gut and buy the plant(s) I want. After all, you can never have enough plants, right? I have purchased more tables just so that I have a place to more plants! Btw, I have a yellow crown of thorns and love it. I hope yours is still there tomorrow!
islandgal246 said…
I hate when I see a plant and it hurts my head. I can't sleep until I get it, then the headache goes away.
Rose said…
I hope that crown of thorns was there when you returned to the store, Carol!

I've done this before, too, including passing by an old wheelbarrow sitting in front of a local antique shop. I kept thinking about it, and then one day it was gone. If I'd only made up my mind sooner, I'd have a cute little fairy garden now like the one you posted earlier.
Darla said…
Oh dear the suffering you must be going through...I'm sure last night was on of the longest nights of your gardening life....I do hope it's still there today!
Nicole said…
LOL I know the feeling
Funny...have been there as well. Saw a ZZ plant in the local nursery went back to get it and it was gone. Fortunately after walking around there it was...another one tucked away just waiting for me :) If it's meant to be you'll get your plant or a better one. Enjoy! Hope you got it!
No kidding. And the same rule also applies to garden ornaments - I saw the perfect cast bat a few years ago that I hesitated on and have been thinking about ever since. Just last week I saw a huge glass cloche for $10 and I passed it up because I told myself I had no room. Stupid!
Anonymous said…
My mother always said she regretted the things she didn't buy more than anything she did, too.

Cindy, MCOK said…
I hope upon your return to the store, you'll find that Crown of Thorns waiting patiently for you to rescue it!
Anonymous said…
I story I have played out myself!!!