The Old Woman at the Door Makes an Observation

     The Old Woman at the Door showed up again this morning. She seemed familiar to me, dressed in blue jeans and a dark green sweatshirt. I let her in right away, as I always do. She has visited often enough over the past year that we didn't really need to spend much time hem-hawing around. She came right to the point of her visit.

"Carol," she said, "I think you spend too much time sitting around and dreaming in the wintertime."

Ouch. Had she been looking in the windows? What did she mean by that? Last weekend, I spent quite a bit of time potting up the houseplants that came in all the funeral planters. That wasn't really dreaming time, though I can do a lot of thinking when I have my hands in some good dirt.

And though I haven't actually purchased any seeds yet, I have made sure that all the seed catalogs are ending up in the basket by the green chair so I can find them when I'm ready to order some seeds.  I hope she doesn't think I'll refrain from dreaming when I start looking through all of them.

Really, I should have been miffed by her direct comment. But I knew she might be right.

It's time to sow a dream and see what comes up.


  1. I can't believe I'm saying this but -- I completely disagree with that old woman. Really, can you ever spend too much time dreaming about the garden, and plants and plans in the wintertime?

  2. Did she say what you should be doing instead?

  3. I'm with MMD...I disagree with that old C...I mean woman.

  4. What are winters for if not to dream about the coming spring? How would we gardeners survive if not for dreaming?

  5. Not only do we need to dream----we need some time to just rest!

  6. Well, I don't think you're too much of a dreamer. Anyone who knows you knows you're an action kind of gal. I think the Old Woman is being too hard on young Carol.~~Dee

  7. Did she just walk right in without knocking?? Pay her no mind, Carol.

  8. Your visitor obviously is from LA and probably an escapee from some soap opera. Dreaming too much, indeed! How else are we gardeners to gather so many marvelous ideas? I hope you're dreaming in color!


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