A Season to Make Experiments

Obligatory Garden Picture
A quote that I love from the book that I love titled The Garden that I Love...

"What would be the good or the pleasure of a garden if one did not make experiments?" (Alfred Austin, The Garden that I Love, 1894)

Have you "made experiments" in your garden lately or have you played it safe, afraid to risk a season with a mistake or misstep?

Maybe this should be the season to "make experiments" in your garden?

Yes, this should be that season. The season of experimentation.   

(Garden fairies here. We are garden fairies and we are now very afraid of what is going to happen this spring and summer here at May Dreams Gardens. What is the book that Carol is reading? It is giving her ideas. It is old. Should it give her ideas? Experimentation? What does she mean by that? There has been such upheaval here the last two growing seasons, we had hoped to just relax a bit. But Carol seems so determined to do something. Experimentation. We are garden fairies, we can only watch and see and maybe occasionally hide her gardening gloves. These experiments could be fun. Or they could be a disaster. We just hope they are safe for garden fairies.)


  1. Get used to change you garden fairies. No garden ever stays the same and you may even love the changes to come.

  2. Dear Garden Fairies,

    Maybe not for you, I am not sure how that works, but for Carol, remember these words....

    Life is too short!!!

    Experiment, try it all, if it doesn't work or you don't like it, change it! It is called gardening. And living.

  3. Dear Garden Fairies, I wonder if you might want to talk with Carol's advisor Dr Hortfreud? She might help allay your fears of change! xogail PS Change is good.

  4. Who knew the garden fairies were scaredy cats? I can't wait to see how Carol decides to experiment!

  5. Trod forward Garden Fairies! It's the time for change :)

  6. Stasis is boring. Experimentation is the way to go, because even an abject failure is not a loss because of the lessons learned. Nobody did anything great playing it safe.

  7. I'm not sure if Roget would agree, but it seems like gardening and experimenting would be synonymous. Either way, sometimes the best way to learn is by experimenting.

  8. I am always experimenting in little ways with the garden. This spring I have several more experiments-I am going to have a competition with a friend to see who grows the biggest pumpkin-He has had prize winning pumpkins in years past so it will be a shew in for him but I might just surprise him and me!

  9. Since we had to have our front tree cut down last spring, the front yard is one big experiment. I have lots of new to me native plants in there, and am hoping they survive and thrive.

    Have fun experimenting!

  10. Experimentation is great! Where would we gardeners be without it?

  11. Your posts always make me laugh. Not just the garden fairies (although they do too) but also the "obligatory garden picture". Reading your blog convinced me to try and start one. Thanks a lot.


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