Winter Time: Sow Seeds for a Happy Summer

A dusting of snow on the garden brings wintry thoughts.
Winter time is one of the best things about gardening in a temperate zone.

In the winter time, snow and ice and wind wipe the garden clean so we have a fresh, new palette for planting in the spring.

In the winter time, we sow the seeds for a happy summer -- seeds of ideas, seeds of spring and summer time plans, seeds of new garden designs.

In the winter time, we have time to read about new plants, new gardening techniques, new ways to think about of our gardens.

In the winter time, we can explore the depths of rabbit holes we never knew existed, without the distractions of mowing the lawn, watering the flower borders, or harvesting the tomatoes before they rot.

It was in the winter time that I figured out the first dozen or so secrets for achieving happiness in your garden.  It was in the winter time that I was able to articulate enough of my thoughts on the garden design elements I want in my garden to engage the services of a garden designer. It was in the winter time that I had enough time to learn about old garden writers like Ida Dandridge Bennett.

Welcome winter time. It's an enriching season. It's when we sow seeds for a happy summer, a prosperous growing season, and I wouldn't want to go a year without it.


  1. And so glad you did have the time to discover the secrets to achieving happiness in your garden, because I was so encouraged by one of them -- #9, I think it was -- the one about asking for help :-) I needed to hear that, so I'm glad you made the best of winter and took the time to write it :-) Happy winter. Can't wait to see where it takes you this year. I keep saying I will get organized on the next rainy day or snowy day. Haven't had many of those ... yet.

  2. That is certainly something that I ponder...would a forced break from gardening be helpful? Maybe...but I doubt I will ever really know. At least not from weather induced reasons.

  3. You're right, of course, Carol. But I wish winter didn't last so long. Still, I wonder if I'd appreciate spring as much if it didn't.

  4. This year especially I am grateful for the winter time. I hope for a better summer in 2012 too.~~Dee

  5. It is good to have a short break from growing garden chores, although here, gardening never really stops. We just have to bundle up more.

  6. kI made myself take breaks; it's necessary for my spirit. Your garden looks lovely with snow....gail

  7. It finally feels like winter today--down to 22 degrees in Upstate SC last night. So, instead of planting the 1200 bulb I rashly ordered at a huge discount, I spent the day doing seed inventory, deciding what changes to make to my website, and what new directions to take with my business this year. I'm very grateful a this chilly day (although I needed to plant fraise des bois seeds today...tomorrow I'll brave the trip to the greenhouse!) Enjoy your winter respite!


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