And gardeners of the club

Two Iris blooms walk into a bar...
Dear Members of the Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Old-Time Gardening Wisdom, Lore, and Superstition (SPPOTGWLS or “the Society”), Members of the Green Bandana Garden Club, (GBGC) and Members of the Society of Gardeners Age 50 and Over (SGAFO),

I, who humbly serve as the President of each of these esteemed, distinguished and worthwhile organizations bring greetings and news to all.

As you may or may not be aware, the combined Boards of Directors of SPPOTGWLS, GBGC, and SGAFO recently met.

What, you did not know that these fine organizations each have a Board of Directors?  Who do you think is reviewing the finances, the long-range plans and the overall health and viability of these societies and clubs?  It is the Board.

Board members include distinguished gardeners in their own right, each with their own special skills and points of views.

The first order of the combined board meeting was to discuss if the three societies/clubs were in fact duplicative and should be combined into one society/club.  After heated debate, it was decided that they should, in fact, remain as three separate societies/clubs, each with its own unique purpose. 

The board members also discussed if it was a conflict of interest for all three societies/clubs to be led by the same president. But unanimous vote, it was determined that this was not a conflict of interest. In fact, the board members wondered how I manage to keep up with the three societies/clubs.  The key, as I explained is to hold meetings infrequently and keep them brief.

The board noted it was a leap year and discussed the merits of an idea I presented four years ago to petition to have the extra leap day moved to Spring, Summer or May.  The boards agreed that while this was a brilliant idea, no one knew who to petition to make the change, so it was table until 2016.

Finally, the Board approved the programs I plan to present to each Society/Club in the coming months.   These programs will remain a secret until such time as they are presented.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Boards were reminded that the plant giveaway expires at midnight on Feb. 29 and late entries would not be considered. They were also reminded that voting continues for garden blog of the year on and to please vote daily.

I hope this update has been informative to all members of these Societies/Clubs. Should you have any questions or wish to join one of these organizations for gardeners, please let me know.

President for life of any and all societies and clubs that I have formed or shall form in the future.