Guest Post: Garden Fairies Worry About Seeds

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Garden fairies here!  Finally, we get a chance to post something. When was the last time we posted?

Goodness, we don't know when we last posted something on this blog. We are garden fairies and we do not keep track of such things. We just post whenever and hope for the best.  We were going to actually hold off posting anything for awhile as a form of protest, but then we forgot what it was we were protesting.

Then we remembered, we are garden fairies, it is not like us to protest anything. Live and let live is our motto.  Speaking of which, we are growing quite concerned because we have noticed that Carol has not ordered any seeds for spring.

We were really nervous about her lack of seed ordering the week before last because it was unseasonably warm and we thought that meant we would have an early spring and so Carol would plant peas on March 17th, but she hadn't ordered the seeds yet, so we were worried.  Then last week it got cold like winter again and we were all like "whew", we dodged a bullet there. It's still winter after all, which means Carol has more time to order seeds because now she won't plant her peas until March 17th.

Then Tangle Rainbowfly said, "Hey, wait a garden fairy minute".  Then he did some ciphering and some calendering and had Sweetpea Morningdew check his figgering before he announced, "It doesn't matter whether it is warm or cold, Carol is going to plant peas on March 17th."

Oh, what an uproar that caused amongst the garden fairies. We are garden fairies and we are growing more concerned each day by Carol's lack of initiative, yes, we wrote initiative, in ordering her seeds for this year.   We do not need this kind of stress in our lives.

This procrastination must be stopped. We are garden fairies, it is not fair to us to make us worry and wonder.  We will have to come up with some way to get Carol to order seeds!

Submitted by:
Thorn Goblinfly, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens and the One Who Might Have to Order Seeds if Carol Doesn't Order Some Soon


  1. That works! Let Thorn order and pay for those seeds..more money for future expenses.

  2. Yes to that, Leslie, let Thorn order the seeds! It will remove the stress from fairy lives and we all know that stressed fairies are not happy fairies. I love the March 17 reference used by Thorn, either early or late spring, it is going to happen. But only if SOMEONE orders those pea seeds. The sugar snaps are in the ground here already, along with beets and spinach. No germination since winter decided to show up, late, but spring will come, no matter.
    Frances and Fernleaf

  3. Carol, LOL. You've a handful with those garden fairies...I do concur with Leslie and Frances, more money for all the sweet perennials you want to add. gail

  4. Do tyou have to order seeds every spring? Of course I have a small place but an order one year sets me up for two. plus I do like wandering nurseries and seeing what was ordered in this time. Make spot somewhere on your person and take those importunate garden fairies on a nursery shopping trip.

  5. Dear Thorn, never fear, I'm sure Carol will get with it. Maybe the snow lulled her into thinking spring is very far away. It seems like it from my snowy perch.~~Dee