Guest Post: Garden Fairies discuss the weather

Garden fairies here!

We do not have much time to post on this blog but feel it is important to tell everyone how beautiful the weather is wish you were here even though we are garden fairies and absolutely do not wish everyone really was here.

Because if the garden was full of people, we garden fairies would have to go under cover so as not to be seen and then we would miss out on these gorgeous spring days, actually gorgeous late winter days since spring does not start until next week sometime, officially.

But who cares about officially. We are garden fairies.  This weather has us all gobsmacked about how nice it is and we are in a tizzy wondering if it will last or if Mother Nature will realize she didn't give us all that much winter and later will decide she'd better unload a bunch of extra left over winter on us, just for good measure and to put us in our place.

That would be so wrong though, if that happened. We are garden fairies. We won't think about that. We'll just sing and dance and run from bloom to bloom trying to take it all in. We have never seen some of these blooms so early.  We are garden fairies, we will let Carol tell you all about that tomorrow for that Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.   We will give you a sneak peak though, with the Star Magnolia pictured above. It is not really supposed to be blooming now. But that is it, just a sneak peak. We are garden fairies, after all.

We garden fairies would also like to point out that this blog is up for Garden Blog of the Year. We would appreciate if you would vote for it, because we are garden fairies and we do not have email addresses so we can't vote for it. And since we post so often, voting for this blog is like voting for us.  Please vote for us garden fairies! Just click here --  Garden Blog of the Year. Then enter your vote. You can vote once every 24 hours until March 21st.

That is all we garden fairies have time for today, but we think that is enough. We have to make plans for the day which might end up with a record high temperature of 80F. We are garden fairies, we know that means it has never been this warm on this day in this garden ever before.  This is exciting!

Now, run out and play in your garden, take some pictures for bloom day, and don't forget to vote.  We  are garden fairies, we have to go out and move more of Carol's flowers into straight lines because it freaks her out and we are garden fairies, we love when she is all freaked out.  

Submitted by,
Thorn Goblinfly, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens and Team Lead for the "Move the Flowers into a Straight Line Initiative"


  1. Hi there, May Dreams garden fairies! We are behind you all 100% on the enjoying this warm weather. The trees are leafing out here in Tennessee and once that happens, there is no going back, killing sharp cold snap or not. But we won't think about that either. Could set a record here, too. Much love to all,
    Fernleaf Gravelgarden and friends

  2. Garden Fairies,

    Hello! Here the weather has been lovely too, and my garden fairies would also not want a lot of visitors right now. They keep hiding under the leaves I'm removing from the soil bit by bit. Yes, it's almost time for Bloom Day. I'm excited this month because I'll have something to share.~~Dee

  3. March is the new May! I have hundreds of daffodils. Thanks for lrtting me share.

  4. Where are all the rabbits? First year ever the tulips ate getting ahead of the rabbits.


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