Overheard in a garden: Narcissus 'Emcys'

Narcissus 'Emcys'
Overheard in a garden...

"Hello, I'm here! Is it Easter? I was planted to bloom at Easter and so here I am. My timing might be a little off but I'm new here and by golly, it seemed so warm and all, I thought it must be Easter.

Hey, where is everyone? Why aren't we having the big egg hunt? I was hoping for a little candy around me so I'd be noticed. But I'm so pretty, I'd be noticed anyway.

It's just the first day of spring? What is going on here? I see another me way over there and another me way on the other side. I would look so much better if they were planted closer to me. It would show how pretty I am. Don't tell me the gardener planted us in a row like she planted those Irises all in a row?

Speaking of Irises, where are they? 'Natascha'? 'Katharine Hodgkins'? 'Mrs. Beatrix Stanley'? I guess they couldn't take the heat and hurried up out of here. They sure had pretty names. My name is 'Emcys'. What kind of name is that? Well, it's my name so it is the prettiest name of all. Yes, it is. I know it is. I am all about me, which is why I'm a Narcissus. Me, me, me.

Whoa, is it hot out here or what? I wasn't planning for this heat. It's not good for me to be so hot. It's supposed to be about 20 degrees cooler. I don't like this heat. Can someone turn down the temperature please? Really, even a bit of frost wouldn't hurt me and might be, shall I say it, a bit more seasonal. There, I did say it. It's too hot. Can I talk to management about this heat?

Shhhh... here comes the gardener with a camera. I'm going to just sit here all pretty and see if she takes a picture of me. Of course, she is taking a picture of me. I expected she would. I am the prettiest flower out here. I am. Really.

Is that my best side? Hey, not so close with that camera. I want to look like the star that I am. Could I get a garden fairy over here to make sure no mud splashed up on me during that thunderstorm the other night? Geez, could that gardener put down that camera and get some mulch around me?

I hate to say it, but I'm a bit lonely. Could that gardener possibly move those other Narcissus closer to me or even plant some pansies near me. It would help show how pretty I am by comparison  Oh my, is that a little weed coming up next to me? What kind of garden is this, anyway?

I don't mean to complain, but it is so hot out here. Is it Easter? I was planted for Easter, you know..."


  1. Dear little Emcys, we feel you pain! It is all about you, isn't it? You look mahhhh-velous, but it is certainly too hot. Happy Easter!

    Your cousins, the daffs and tulips in Tennessee

  2. It really is all about you Emcys. See, if you had waiting another two weeks you would be just one of the crowd. Enjoy the day.

  3. Crazy weather. We won't have any daffs or other EASTER flowers by Easter. Maybe the daylilies will be blooming.??

  4. Very cute! My Summer Snowflakes are all in the same boat. How can they be called Summer Snowflakes if they are all blooming in early March?!

  5. Dear little Emcys, Some of your relatives are blooming, here, too. No wonder they seemed to be a little surprised and kept looking around for something. Now, I understand. I'm sorry you'll probably miss the egg hunt, but look at it this way--you have the stage all to yourself right now!

  6. Too early for Easter but sweet, if a tad self-centered, all the same.

  7. I'm glad I don't have the only plants that regularly carry on conversations!

  8. Ms. Emcys you are quite pretty. You came up a little early but maybe next year you can get a little more on a normal schedule and it will be a little cooler!

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  10. I love the line, "I'm a narcissus. Of course, it's all about me, me, me." She is a pretty thing though. She really is. Haha.~~Dee


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