Selection Sunday, Our thoughts turn to gardening

I bought and planted violas.
It's Selection Sunday, when college basketball teams find out if they've been chosen to play in the NCAA tournament, and our thoughts turn to gardening, as they always do.

This is to be expected, what with everyone talking about seeding and who will get which seed in the tournament. What gardener wouldn't immediately think about their seed stash and which seeds they are going to start indoors and which seeds they are going to sow outdoors?

By now, most gardeners have chosen and purchased their seeds for this year.  If they haven't done so by now, then maybe they aren't really gardeners? Or maybe they are going to buy their seeds at the local garden center and just choose from what's on the rack? It does limit your choices, but maybe that's okay for some gardeners.

I have all my seeds.  I tossed all the packets into a big basket, though, so I need to to sort and organize them so I don't forget about any of them. I'll list them on a spreadsheet so I can keep track of them and compare the current lists to previous years. When I do this, I can also see what might be missing, although looking at my basket of seeds, it is hard for anyone to imagine that I need more seeds.  (No, I will not embarrass myself by posting a picture of said basket of seed packets.)

I'll start sowing tomato and pepper seeds inside later this week and next weekend, on the 17th, I'll sow peas, spinach, and lettuce seeds outside directly in the garden.

Then if there is time, I'll watch my favorite basketball team play in the tournament, probably while organizing my seeds.


  1. A spreadsheet??!! Really??!! I thought I was the only one who went that route and was feeling kinda, well... er... anal. Anyway, I made my spreadsheet but then forgot I did it and I've been starting things all willy nilly anyway. Do you keep it up throughout the whole planting season? I have trouble with that part.

  2. Hahaha. Yeah, that is really weird. Selection Sunday came by.

  3. aGREED - who needs basketball seeding when there is REAL seeding to be done! I'm following the moon cycles for the first time this year, so I just got some root crops in the ground (the spring has been coming on for WEEKS now even though I am in zone I am pushing the envelope and crossing my fingers!) Tomatoes and peppers went in the cold frame last week, so I'm excited for big harvests this year!!!

    ...and if it makes you feel any better -- I don't have a bowl of seed packets but I do have a basket with groupings of packets held together with clothespins ;)

  4. How lucky is that...the 17th is on a Saturday this year!!

  5. A spreadsheet is so fine, so much better than the abandoned notebooks I used to keep, unless of course the computer crashes! I've used children's Easter baskets literally to take the seeds out into the garden for sowing, so I'm with you there, but now have box after box of former season's seed picks not used up... what to do? "Last" seed order came today with lots of new goodies...


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