You might be a gardening geek: Words with Friends® Edition

You might be a gardening geek who plays Words with Friends® on your iPhone (or iPad) if...

You have a user name that includes the word "garden" or "gardener" in it.

You say "Hey, that's my word" if your opponent plays words like "hoe", "rake", "garden" or anything else related to gardening. But then you remember that you can still play that same word someplace else if you have the right letters.

You can hardly wait to get the letters z, o, y, s, i, and a so you can play the word "zoysia" and get lots of points, but deep down you think that if you ever did get those letters, you are likely to get the message "Sorry, zoysia is not an acceptable word" which will ruin your dream of scoring lots of points with that word.

You've played a lower scoring word just because it was a garden-y word.   Bonus points if you know that the word "hoe" is generally worth five points unless you can land that "h" on a double-letter or triple-letter square or get one of the letters on a double-word or triple-word square.

You are proud of your plays of "thrip", "toad", and "tree" and how garden-y they are.

When you get the letters H-F-N-E-D-O-J in your tray, you hope there is a place to play the word "hoes" on the board, never mind that "joes" is a valid word and would be worth more points.  Secondarily you hope there is a  "P" on the board so you can play the word "pod" because it is garden-y, too.

Finally, you might be a gardening geek who plays Words with Friends® if...

You are playing Words with Friends® with at least one other gardener who you originally met through garden blogging.


  1. Busted! My Words with Friends user name "might" have the word "rose" in it. You are right, I Love Love the gardeny words.

  2. This looks like fun. Something like scrabble.

  3. Ha Ha Ha...why else would one play than to have garden words? You might even find the word 'done' in that group of letters but real gardeners know that the work is never done.

  4. Hehe... I play a similar game (WordFeud) on my phone with friends and random strangers. "Peony" scored me loads of points recently! (Triple AND double word, plus there was a couple of letters that formed other words with their neighbours...)

    YAY for combining different types of nerdiness. (Words + Gardening = Love)

  5. Words with friends is very fun. Try to use hellebore after someone places hell on the board. Then you'll know how many gardeners you are playing with!

  6. I adore this game! I can't get enough of it. Sometimes I'll have 10 games going at one time and I get anxiety and feel the pressure, but it's all in good fun! It's the best money I've ever spent on an iPhone application.I also use the ANAGRAMMER to give me more hints..

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