Gardening at the speed of contemplation

What is the best speed at which to garden?

Too slow, and nothing gets done.

Too fast, and the gardener ends up exhausted.

Just right, and the garden looks good and the gardener is happy.

This "just right" speed for me is what I call the speed of contemplation.

When I garden at the speed of contemplation, I can hear birds, I can hear the wind, I can hear bees.

At the speed of contemplation, I can see the garden as a whole and see and smell the individual flowers, too.

At the speed of contemplation, I might still get tired - good and tired - but not exhausted to the point that I need days to recover.

At the speed of contemplation, I can think while I garden.

It's the perfect speed for me, and it took me years to figure it out.

Pace yourselves, garden at the speed of contemplation, and you'll harvest plenty from your garden, more than you can ever imagine.


  1. I totally agree with this thought. I have never read it explained so concisely.

  2. That is such good advice, Carol. I must find my own speed of contemplation, too. There seems to be so much that needs doing right now, and that time is running out to get it done. Slow down, you move to fast, got to make each moment last....

  3. Very well said Carol. That's how I like to garden. gail

  4. Yes, indeed! The speed of contemplation - I'm still trying to find it!
    Love the rabbit!
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. Wonderful post. I love gardening and sometimes I have to force myself to slow down. I don't know what I was in a hurry about. :)

  6. What's the hurry? Well, it is good to get the heavy, hard work done before it gets hot and sultry (say mid to early June). And then there are those pesky daytime mosquitoes making life miserable later in the spring.

  7. I usually am in a hurry in the garden during Spring so that I can get all the things done before the sweltering heat sets in. I do however, walk through the garden every morning and evening to enjoy the fruits of our labor and enjoy all the wildlife! I must remember your wise words and apply them more often!

  8. I agree the contemplation of my garden is so satisfying. Last night I enjoyed the just right cool temperature and hearing the wind in the trees. The Korean Spice Bush scented my final walk around. Nancy

  9. One of the things I have always liked about gardening is that it is so hard to hurry. Maybe I do need to think about working too slow - but there are those moments of silent meditation to enjoy as well.

  10. I think I have only one gardening pace; whatever I feel like. On some days I get loads and loads done, and on others I barely get through weeding a square foot of the flower beds. It's all good; every step is a step in the right direction.

  11. Your bunny is in such a contemplative pose!

  12. I always try to take my time when I garden. i do a lot of thinking while I'm out there.

  13. It's not the speed that gets me, it's the duration. I just don't know when to stop.

  14. Sounds perfect. I can feel myself smelling the flowers as I read this.


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