Guest Post: Garden Fairies Discuss HUG Activities

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we want to discuss the HUG activity, the weeding, that has taken place this spring here at May Dreams Gardens.

But first things first, we would like to mention how much we are enjoying the Dianthus that Carol planted along the edges of the flower beds that border the patio.  We garden fairies really like this flower where as before we were not too sure about it and were not all 100% in favor of Carol planting it like she did.

Plus, do not tell anyone, but we could not believe how long she left these plants in their pots last spring after she bought them and brought them home. We are garden fairies, we were appalled.

We garden fairies are often flabbergasted and flummoxed at how gardeners fall in love with plants at the garden center, pay good money for them and then bring them home and let them sit in their pots for days, weeks, even months.  We are garden fairies, we don't pretend to understand, we pretend to report the facts. Wait. That doesn't sound right.  Actually, we actually report facts and the fact is we love these Dianthus that are all blooming now. We have been having some parties around them recently. You should have seen what Sweetpea Morningdew did at this one...

But enough about us garden fairies. We are posting today to report that there has been some Highly Unusual Gardening (HUG) activity taking place here at May Dreams Gardens.  This HUG activity comes not from Carol but from one of her sisters, who came to visit, saw the weeds and decided to take it upon herself to come back several more times and... weed.

She did a great job, near as we can tell.  Carol was out there once with her and pointed out that she should leave all the Columbine seedlings alone. Yeah! We are garden fairies and we love Columbine.  Carol also told her sister who was doing all this HUG activity  to rip out that frassy perennial sweet pea that still shows up everywhere. Yeah! We are garden fairies and we don't care for that perennial sweet pea either, though we do love the regular annual sweet peas, of which there are several growing back in the Vegetable Garden Cathedral right now.

Yes, we are garden fairies, but we do know the names of the gardens around here. We've got ears, you know, and we read this blog. Plus, we sometimes make suggestions to Carol about what to name sections of the garden, because we are garden fairies and we just do that.  In fact, our next post might be about the recently named Fairy Field.

Anyway, we are garden fairies, and we pretend to report the facts and the fact is this garden has never been so nicely weeded in all the time we've known it. This is all due to HUG activity that Carol's sister took it upon herself to do in the garden this spring.

Now, if we can just get Carol to get out here and spread some mulch.
That would be quite a big HUG activity for us garden fairies. We like a nicely mulched garden. Then we'll be all set for May which is coming up in just 10 days.

We are garden fairies, we are excited!

Submitted by:
Thorn Goblinfly
Chief Scribe and Garden Scout at May Dreams Gardens and Primary Spotter of HUG activity


  1. You garden fairies really are not very open minded are you. Plants in pots can survive quite well until the head gardener makes the decision where they should spend the rest of their lives. Lighten up, Fairies. Trust your head gardener.

  2. You had me chuckling this morning, ye garden fairies!

  3. I am totally with you on the plants in pots, Thorn. We make sure the plants here get planted PDQ! Lucky is Carol to have such a sweet sister who likes to weed! 10 days until May, where does the time go?

    Fernleaf Gravelgardener

  4. I wonder what I am doing sisters haven't come over to weed in my garden! Lucky Carol and what a wonderful sister she has! At Southern Meadows we have a number of plants sitting in pots. The gardener is having trouble deciding the right place in the garden to give them a home. Sometimes this process takes a while.

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  6. You garden fairies are such smart folk. Yes, tell Carol to get that mulch on the garden and plant stuff. Thanks to her sister's HUG activities, she now has a spot.~~Dee

  7. it just help in knowing about fairies
    thanks :)