Listening for a secret

I will remain vigilant and alert as I look for the 15th secret to achieving happiness in your garden. Perhaps I will hear it in the faint whispers of the flowers?


Astrid said…
Hello Carol
I have enjoyed all your gardening "secrets" so far and wonder if what I have just learned could qualify as the 15th secret?
Simplify as you grow older: take out high maintenance plants (especially perennials) and replace with shrubs and grasses.
These words of advice come from garden designer and writer Sydney Eddison. I just finished her book "Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as you grow older". She has a replaced hip and has had eye surgery. As we all age, energy and strength diminish. Her words make a lot of sense (even though it's hard to discard plants that you've loved for many decades.)
Kimberly said…
I love your idea about listening for a secret! Very creative and find it very fun.
The garden is full of secrets isn't it? Love to hear what you find.~~Dee