Ridgewood Avenue

Come walk with me down Ridgewood Avenue.

Enter in the shade and exit in the sun by the Vegetable Garden Cathedral.

Walk slowly now. On the left is August Dreams Garden which will be in peak bloom in... August.

On the right is Woodland Follies, which will quickly become a sunny spot if that old redbud tree falls over.

Oh yes, there is still a lot of room to plant more, and that's the plan. More plants. And soon there will be a place to sit and reflect on a garden where each section has its own name or sit and read a good book about gardening..

Ridgewood Avenue, the name of a street in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of "the most famous addresses in Southern garden history", where the garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence lived.

Ridgewood Avenue, now the name of a path in my garden.


Darla said…
Love the path....I can just see it all a bloom. I should have known there would be special meaning behind the name.
We do love our Elizabeth Lawrence don't we? Loving your Ridgewood Avenue. Hope you get to tour her garden this spring.~~Dee
africanaussie said…
there is just something magical about a path in a garden, and even more so if it has a name.
Indie said…
What an absolutely fabulous name! I need names like that to inspire my plants - the Pink Plant Dying Hill just doesn't seem to be doing the trick...
A lovely stroll down Ridgewood Avenue. I can't wait to see how it evolves.
I love that you named your path. That's a fabulous idea and a great choice for your garden.
Rose said…
Carol, I have been waiting for months to see all of your new garden, and it was well worth the wait. From Ridgewood Avenue to the Vegetable Cathedral, you've achieved a stunning transformation. Beautiful, beautiful!
Maureen said…
Your path and your plans for it are great. I had never heard of Elizabeth Lawrence but must find out more about her.
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