Verdant Views

 Verdant, adjective:
  1. (of countryside) Green with grass or other rich vegetation.
  2. Of the bright green color of lush grass.
A few pictures of verdant views of the garden in spring, taken a few days ago when it was overcast and rainy.

First, a view across Plopper's Field looking toward the Vegetable Garden Cathedral.

Plopper's Field is called just that because it is a flower garden where you just plop in new perennials wherever you see bare ground, sort of making sure the new plant won't crowd out the ones around it.

On the left, where the two green chairs are is The Shrubbery.  It is, or will be filled with mostly shrubs of various types.  This spring, I had a crew clear out two big Viburnums from The Shrubbery, one because it was half-dead, the other because it suckered too much for my level of garden maintenance.  I have new spaces to plant now.

A view on the other side of the lawn, which I just named Fairy's Field, looking across August Dreams Garden toward the Vegetable Garden Cathedral.
 August Dreams Garden is planted to have peak bloom in August and September, It was just planted last spring so it is in the "creep" stage of "sleep, creep, leap", those three stages that all newly planted gardens seem to go through.  The path on the right divides it from Woodland Follies.  I call the path Ridgewood Avenue.  Can you guess why?

Woodland Follies is so named because most of the shade comes from an old redbud tree that leans precariously. If it dies, then the woodland plants will suddenly be in full sun.  I have an idea to plant three small trees around the old redbud so that if or when it dies, the three new trees might provide that shade. It's on my list to take care of that yet this spring.

For anyone who missed it, earlier this spring, I had a crew come in and completely re-do the Vegetable Garden Cathedral.  This is a view of it cross Fairy's Field, the lawn.

The Vegetable Garden Cathedral is ready for planting.  By mid-summer, it will be completely transformed into its own verdant view. 

Now back to the question.  Does anyone know why I would call the path that divides August Dream Garden from Woodland Follies Ridegewood Avenue?


  1. Your yard and gardens are so tidy. Looks great. I haven't a clue as to the answer to your question, curious though.

  2. I have no idea why you named your path Ridgewood AVE. Your garden looks great. I like the big gate into Veggie Cathedral.

  3. Carol - It's so lush and green and beautiful. I can see you sitting in those chairs with a glass of tea!

  4. Heck, I want to sit with you in those garden chairs, eat a tomato or two and enjoy the view. Tea would also be nice. It is very verdant there. No drought this year.~~Dee

  5. No answer to the question - but I love all the curves - and that beautiful gate.

  6. May Dreams Gardens is ready for May! It looks lovely. I know why you chose Ridgewood Ave but only because I did a Google search so will not say, will let someone who already knows give the answer!

  7. No idea to the answer to your question I love your Ploppers Field. My whole garden is a ploppers field as am always buying or growing plants which get tucked in wherever I can find a space. Also have Ploppers Pots for when I cant find a space Happy Gardening !

  8. Personally I think a glass of chilled Riesling would go down much better while resting from one's labors.

  9. I have no idea how to answer your question, but the spaces are beautiful!

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