You Can Grow That! Oso Easy® Cherry Pie Rose

Rosa 'Meiboulka' bloom
Ladies and gentleman, gardeners young and old, rose lovers and rose haters, step right this way to see The Incredible Growing Rose.

Never in your gardening years have you seen a rose so tiny grow so quickly.

Never in your gardening years have you seen a rose so gracefully endure torrential spring time rains followed by two months of torrid summer heat and drought.

Incredible as it may seem, one and all, this rose was so tiny when first planted that the spot where it was placed into the ground had to be marked with a stick lest it get lost - lost I tell you - and completely covered by mulch.

Doubters and skeptics, I have proof!

Rosa 'Meiboulka' planted 4/12/2011

I repeat. This rose received so little care that it is a wonder of modern horticulture that it survived at all.  It is beyond a wonder that it not only survived, it thrived and had nary a blemish on any leaf.

Ladies and gentlemen, stand back. No pushing or shoving to see this up close. All will get there chance.

Here, one year later...
Rosa 'Meiboulka' after one year
Ladies and gentleman that is what three tiny Rosa 'Meiboulka' roses look like after just one year, actually 50 weeks, in the garden with no fertilizer, no spraying, and very little supplemental watering.

Just imagine what these roses will look like when they are blooming.

But wait, that's not really the most incredible thing about this rose!

What is most incredible about this rose is You Can Grow That! in your own garden if you live in USDA Hardiness Zones 4a through 9a.  You don't have to run off to the circus to see it.

Just look for Oso Easy® Cherry Pie roses, as these are called in the trade, at your local garden center.  Even if it is in a three inch pot, don't be afraid to buy it, plant it, ignore it and enjoy it.

This post is offered as a contribution to Garden Bloggers You Can Grow That Day! on the fourth of every month, started by C. L. Fornari of Whole Life Gardening. Check out the You Can Grow That! Facebook page for other posts.


  1. I have this rose and I haven't killed it! So, Zone 7a, Middle Tennessee can grow it, too. gail

  2. I love the single roses. They have an innocence the big showy ones lack. Add in easy-care an you have a winner here!

  3. Wow! I'm impressed!
    Great post for You Can Grow That!
    Happy gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. I love that Cherry Pie Rose, beautiful

    I have a Garden Club blog linky up on my blog if you are interested in linking on it. You can link any post, it doesn't have to be a new one.

  5. Wow, how fabulous. I love my fussy roses but would be nice to have so that are easy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have a tiny Oso rose waiting to be planted in my zone 6b garden. I'm so excited to see how quickly it grows!

  7. I have a Cherry Pie rose myself, and it grew similarly for me. It really is easy.

  8. Carol, You're right about the Oso Easy series - those I've grown are incredibly forgiving. Thanks for the "before and after" shots.

  9. I love the humor and maybe I could grow this rose..Michelle

  10. This is my kind of rose--no fuss, no muss, and wow, what a growth spurt!

  11. I just love the humor and the passion for the roses! Thank you for those kind words and wonderful tips!

  12. Carol .. I don't know if youlook back to comments on old posts .. but you came up when I was doing a search on this rose I just planted today !
    I was so curious about these roses I just had to have one and this is the exact one you are taking about .. so I am really excited to see how it does .. I have it combined with Pardon Me day lily for that incrediable RED theme.
    Joy : )


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