You Might Be A Gardening Geek: Laundry Edition

Rain makes the garden green
You might be a gardening geek doing laundry if...

You divide your laundry up into loads of lights, darks, and gardening before you wash it.  Bonus points if the largest pile is gardening.

You have more than three shirts in the laundry  that have a saying on them related to gardening. Bonus points for each shirt that is green.  Limit ten bonus points.

You consider grass and mud stains on the knees of your jeans as more of a badge of horticultural honor than some dreadful stains that must be removed.  After all, those jeans will be stained again within five minutes of wearing them in the garden the next time.

Your white socks are no longer really white but are more of an interesting off white with streaks of brown from mud and green from grass that never really come out after washing.

You feel like you garden best in your faded green t-shirt that is over 10 12 15 years old and has a little hole on the shoulder seam that out of the corner of your eye looks like a bug so much so that you find yourself swatting at it every 15 minutes or so when you forget, again, that it is a little hole in your shirt and not a bug. You insist on wearing this shirt even though you have plenty of newer t-shirts that you could wear.  You just hope that after each washing it is still intact enough to wear one more time.

You attempt to do laundry while gardening which results in some newly washed non-gardening clothes ending up with some mud on them when you forgot to wash your hands before moving the clean clothes to the dryer.  Frass! You thought your hands weren't that dirty.

You find a plant label in the dryer after drying your gardening clothes and think how nice it is that the plastic tag is all nice and clean now.  Bonus points for finding a seed packet. Subtract points if you hear a clunk-clunk-clunk in the dryer and realized you've just washed your hand pruners.

You have been known to take off your clothes in the laundry room after a day of gardening to avoid tracking mud, leaves, and other garden debris into the rest of the house.

Finally, you might be a gardening geek doing laundry if you are doing laundry on a rainy Saturday and writing a garden blog post about it because it is too wet to go out and garden.


Lancashire rose said…
i came in with three of those so I guess I am one after all. The gardening pile is always the largest and has a bikini top in it! Naughty girl!
Just as I figured...definitely a gardening geek-muddy shoes & socks and lots of laundry this time of year! Happy gardening-LOVE it!
africanaussie said…
You hit the nail on the head with this post - I am guilty on all counts.
Hoover Boo said…
Or when all your clothes are gardening clothes, including the pajamas!
garden girl said…
'Guilty' on all counts, except the pruners haven't ended up in the washing machine yet. They have been lost in the garden a few times though.
Søren said…
I have three categories of jeans: Suitable for work (i.e. not too faded, no holes), urban-cool-trendy (i.e. somewhat faded, threadbare in places) and gardening (i.e. they haven't fallen apart yet... Though holes may be up to the size of a saucer.).

Anyway, my husband thinks I look sexy in beat-up jeans with streaks of mud on them, so it's all good.

(And today my first foray into the garden was in my bathrobe, and before I knew it I was kneeling down to pick out a weed from a flower bed and had to restrain myself. NO MUD ON THE BATHROBE!!!
Yep, I am geeked out according to this post. I especially like it when the tags get washed.
Fairegarden said…
I was more of a geek than I realized. The gardening pile is quite large, especially if you include all the gloves. I guffawed at the hole that you think is a bug over and over! HA Good one!
Victoria said…
Great post, Carol! I have a new twist on your theme - I do the gardening wash first, because I really NEED that stuff. Clothes for work? Hey, they can wait.
I wear running gear for gardening, especially leggings, because they are so comfortable and they wash and dry really easily. And sports bras, because they don't rub or chafe. I like to think my running gear makes me look like Tracy DiSabato-Aust, but it doesn't. Not the least little bit.
Michael S Brown said…
Cool post Carol. I love the pic on this one too. The nice lush green really stands out.

I am trying to brush up on my own landscaping skills for this coming season. I bookmarked your site so I can keep coming back to see all of your new tips. Great work.
sherry brown said…
that's me. i met my next door neighbor at walmart, she said she didn't recognize me, i had real clothes on.all she every say me in was my gardening garb. (you can't really call them clothes anymore). love your blog.
Gail said…
Carol, All true! Except, I only have one green t-shirt! gail
Anonymous said…
Lots of fun!! Thanks much. The comments are also a kick. (I will have to go back and check each of the items to get my "score.")
Debra said…
Carol, these definitions fit me perfectly! I always enjoy your humor - thank you.

I highlighted this post in my magazine; you may see it here
Well, most of those are true for me, and in fact I HAVE taken off the muddies in the laundry room to avoid tracking dirt on the carpet but up until now I wasn't KNOWN to have done that. I hope my family isn't reading!
It has been confirmed, I am a garden geek and proud of it!!