Allium schubertii captures spring feeling

I've recently discovered  a new spring flower that perfectly captures the frazzled feelings of so many gardeners in the spring when...

- everything is blooming all at once,

- you are purchasing plants at the garden center faster than you can plant them,

- everything is blooming early, leaving you with a rushed feeling,

- you actually are rushed because perennials like asters and mums need to be cut back now to encourage more blooms later, not in two weeks,

- it's warm but not quite as warm as you'd like it to be to plant the vegetable garden,

- you are actually going to leave your garden in May for five days. Oh so much you could do in your garden in five days!

- the weeds are growing faster than your lawn,

- your lawn is growing faster than you've ever seen it grow.

May I present Allium schubertii.
Allium schubertii

Wild and wooly, sending out florets in a scattered sparkler-like design.   I just hope I get everything done that ought to be done before that sparkler burns out.

Happy spring!


  1. Carol, I've been in the same kind of mad rush to a deadline. Not only am I trying to get it done before I leave for Fling, I'm trying to beat the arrival of summer heat!

  2. All the same things are true here!

  3. So true, and that is a lovely Allium!

  4. My goodness! That's exactly how I feel. You've captured it perfectly.~~Dee

  5. My thoughts exactly. It's a reckless, delightful rush of activity that I anticipate with longing and live through with anxiety! And here in Portland, we seem to go from drenching, mud-inducing downpours to dry, cracked soil in about one week!


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