Thank you

I humbly offer thanks to each and every person who posted on their blogs for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

I wish I had the time to visit everyone who posted for this monthly tradition, but when I did the math on that, I determined it would take me over four hours to spend just one minute on each bloom day post. My hat is off to those who do manage to view quite a few of these posts each month.

I thoroughly enjoyed, though, the many comments, each of which came to me as an email to open and savor.  Thank you.

Is there a more beautiful time in the garden than May?

A quick look at a few of the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post is all the evidence I need to know that May truly is one of the best months in the garden.


Aansy Stone said…
due to change in the climate i must say that the best gardening season starts from the mid of the April but before that May was the best. However, i loved to see the snaps of the gardens and your Daisies also look beautiful. Happy Gardening!

~Garden Designers