Early morning in the garden

Early morning in the garden, before the heat of the day...

The first coneflower of the summer opens up...

The chairs invite the gardener to sit a minute and plan how to use this gift of a day...

The vegetable garden cathedral is ready for the gates to open...

The rabbit watches all...

One wonders what will happen in the garden on a day like today?


  1. Those chairs look so inviting, I would love to join you and contemplate the day's journey.


  2. May all the happenings in your garden today be good ones!

  3. Wonderful narrative to your garden photos.

  4. Well, if that's a real rabbit, I can tell you one thing that might happen that day - some magically disappearing plants :)

  5. The sky's the limit on a day like that. Happy summer.~~Dee

  6. Here; nothing in my garden because it's the 24th Annual
    Manhattan, Kansas Garden Tour sponsored by the Extension Master Gardener's...of which I happen to be one so this is a volunteer working day for me! At least I'll spend the day in someone else's garden.

  7. A gardening day is always a good day! What a wonderful thing to have before you.

  8. Hey, awe-inspiring deem !

  9. Those chairs are very inviting. They may even persuade me to sit a while and not work in the garden the entire time.

  10. If that was a real rabbit, ruination...good thing it's not. (It's not, right?)


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