Guest Post: A Riddle from the Garden Fairies

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we have a riddle to share.  We made it up ourselves so naturally, we think it is clever, brilliant, insightful and it contains a bit of wisdom, too.

What can be both early and late at the same time?

That's the riddle.  What can be both early and late at the same time?

We are garden fairies and  we would like for people to puzzle over that before giving the answer,  so please stop reading for just a minute, look away from the screen, gaze out onto your garden and think about our riddle for just a few minutes.

We are garden fairies, humor us.

Now, what can be both early and late at the same time?

Have you figured it out?  We are garden fairies, we figured it out as soon as Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly asked it of us the other night while we were gazing with amazement at a tall phlox blooming right now. It's early. It really isn't supposed to bloom until July.

Then we went down to the Vegetable Garden Cathedral and just laughed and laughed. Carol's corn plants are only six inches tall, and the beans?  Well, they aren't that much taller. The whole vegetable garden is late this year, again.  It's late because Carol waited until Memorial Day weekend to plant it.

Then she stands there and wonders why it is so late getting started.

Granny Gus McGarden, the garden fairy who reigns over the Vegetable Garden Cathedral with her son the right reverend Hortus Augustus McGarden, said she tried to get Carol to plant earlier this year, but well, we are garden fairies. We think now Carol wants us to speed up the vegetable plants. 

We are garden fairies and can only do so much around here.

Honestly, we are given a lot more credit than we deserve... hey wait a minute. We are garden fairies. We'll take all the credit we can get as long as blame doesn't come with it. We hate to be blamed, if you know what we mean, but we'll take credit. Well credit for doing something, all others pay cash.

Anyway, did you figure out what can be both early and late at the same time?

A garden, of course.

A garden can be early and late at the same time. Early with some blooms, late with others, at least in a mixed up place like May Dreams Gardens.

We are garden fairies, and we think that is a clever, brilliant, insightful, and wise riddle. We hope you enjoyed it and please have a great week.

Submitted by:
Thorn Goblinfly
Chief Scribe and Keeper of the Riddles at May Dreams Gardens


Layanee said…
Garden faeries...thank you for making me stop and look out at the garden to ponder your riddle. It made me see the beauty that I might have missed at that moment. Keep up the good really wasn't about the riddle so much as the pause was it?
Gail said…
Dear Garden Fairies, You are very clever.
Wise and funny garden fairies.
Fairegarden said…
Dear Thorn, that is very clever, a perfect riddle for this time of year. We have early and late stuff here in Tennessee, too. Come see us next time you travel!

Leslie said…
I'm always happy to hear from the garden fairies...they have such a good outlook on life.
Rambling Woods said…
garden fairies..I like that..Michelle
I want to take this moment to say that I really love this blog. It has been a good resource of information for me. Thank you so much
Commonweeder said…
Very wise those garden fairies. There is always early and late in my garden. And the garden fairies know there is probably no answer to the mystery.
Kalantikan said…
...and most especially if the climate joked on us, we get early but still late!