June? Where are you, June?

June? Where are you June?

Where are your pleasant days, your gentle rains? Why do you bring us hot, dry days and late summer flowers?

June, this is not funny.


Yes, Dr. Hortfreud?

Why are you writing to a month of the year like that?

Was I writing to a month of the year?  Oh, I guess I was.  I guess the heat and lack of rain are getting to me.

I have some advice for you, Carol.

Am I going to like it?

Maybe, at least I hope so.  My advice is to water to keep your plants alive, but don't water to make them look like June.

You mean I should watch how much I water?

Yes, because it looks like this is going to be one of those long, hot summers.  Pace your watering.

Good advice. Do you have any other words of wisdom?

Not really.  You've gardened through hot, dry summers before, like last summer and the summer before that. And there was 1988. Remember how bad that summer was? I know you remember it.  Water to keep plants alive and remember that any plant that dies leaves a spot for a new plant. Also, really focus on fall planting. It's better for most plants.

Got it, Dr. Hortfreud.  Now, can I continue my plea to June?


June, why do you try to be like August? Don't be something you aren't. We love you as June, with your gentle rains and cooler temps.  Please drop the charade. Come home, June.


You need a good June.~~Dee
Leslie said…
Maybe you could get one of the milk companies to put June's picture on the carton. Or better yet, on a compost bag.
Carol, I'd be happy to send you some of our rain from Minnesota! I feel like I haven't seen the sun shine for a month now. My poor plants have been so constantly soaked, I'm afraid they'll all start to rot soon. :(
Susan said…
Come to France! We've got a June acting like April (and a little March), with cold rain 5 days out of 7. Just last week an overnight low of 8°C (45°F). I was scared for the tomatoes and my peas are reblooming.
Anonymous said…
Please Minnesota, send some rain to Indy!
August has bullied itself into June for sure. This is not a good thing. All we can do is hang in there.
Gardening sheds said…
Very entertaining post indeed! You got me on the title. Excellent job!
Darla said…
It is such strange weather. I even posted an Amaryllis that's blooming right now in my garden....sigh
Andrea said…
Very entertaining as usual, but our June is really loved by plants here! However, only the plants love June as it carries with it lots of typhoons, floods and landslides. Would you like to adopt our June for a while? Kidding aside, climate in the world has changed so fast and we must do something in our own little ways. I've planted some trees already in our property, and promised not to cut or uproot those already there!
Thought we were going to have a good June, but alas, it turned ugly on us. Water to keep the plants alive, great advice.
karen kennedy said…
Well we can only hope that we have a July like May and August like June!
AnneTanne said…
Over here, March was like May had to be... And April, May and June are like March usually is: most rainy days, and when we don't have continuous rain it's showering...
And indeed: although we humans are looking forwards to some really hot and sunny days, our gardens are thriving...
Even here, in the sandy soil of the Campine, the gardens are lush, and the vegetable gardens are doing great...

(And I'm glad my garden seems to be happy with the rain... but I'm glad that within two weeks, I'm going to the South-West of the USA for - I hope - a beautiful tour through the National Parks... I guess I'll feel the heath of summer at last!)