When a gardener chooses wallpaper

When a gardener chooses wallpaper for her iPhone, she considers many options.

She can choose a close up picture of a single hydrangea bloom...

Or maybe step back to use a picture of many hydrangea blooms.

She can maybe choose a snippet from one of her t-shirts...

Or choose a picture of the back of a chair her sister saw for sale.

She can use a copy of a picture she made with some secrets on it...

Or use a picture of an old-fashioned book, just because its nice and green.

She can display a picture of the view from Biltmore to remind her of the recent garden bloggers fling,

Or display a picture of her own gardens to remind her of home.

She might even consider a green bandana background to show she's in the club.

Regardless of which picture she chooses, when a gardener chooses wallpaper for her iPhone, she almost always chooses something from the garden.

It's a nice reminder that she is a gardener, just in case she might forget.


  1. I have a picture of the large rhododendron in bloom as my wallpaper...

    -And on my computer at work I have an over-all view of the garden. Whenever I get too stressed at the office I close down everything, sit back and look at what the garden is like on a summer day with a couple of friends lounging in the sun.

  2. I never thought of using old book covers or t-shirt designs. Fab, fab, fab idea! I have an old copy of "The Secret Garden" that would make a good choice. I also have a t-shirt for xmas that is a xmas tree with all sorts of gardening tools on it and under the tree it says Hoe, Hoe, Hoe. It is too small for me now, but I have hung on, hoping. Now I know what to do with it! Thanks!

  3. And one can always tell one's phone apart from the non-gardener of the family!

  4. When a gardener decides to wallpapaer . . . .

  5. Mine's a sky shot I took on a walk with Mr I!

  6. First I thought it was wallpaper for a.....wall!! My 'wallpaper' for my not a smart phone is a sunrise shot. Don't plan on getting up for many now that we are retired, good reminder of what it looked like. :-)

  7. Right up there with gardens photos are those of family and grand pets.

  8. Now you inspired me to change my pictures on my desktop, not on my phone yet as i love what is in there, that is undersea landscape. I can't scuba dive so have to be content with that. At least, the gardens and flowers i always see on land. thanks.

  9. Guess I am a gardener then... I have a picture of my peony in bloom on my phone.

  10. it is so nice that i'm not the only one that does that when choosing an iPhone wallpaper, and a wallpaper for my laptop :)