Guest post: Requiem for a Redbud Tree

Garden Fairies here. We are garden fairies and we want to say absolutely we were not responsible for this tree falling.

It had been leaning for a while and we knew it was not going to last forever, but we didn't know it would just fall over like it did. No one saw it happen, though Ol' Tangle Rainbowfly was in that area when it happened.

Ol' Tangle had quite the story to tell. Seems he was under the tree sleeping amongst the woodland plants Carol had planted there last spring when he heard a loud creak. He woke right up and ran for it. He said the tree barely missed him.

We are garden fairies, and we feel we need to repeat that we did not make this tree fall over. Just because one or more garden fairies were in the general area does not mean we had anything to do with it. We are garden fairies, after all.

This tree is/was in the garden Carol calls Woodland Follies because even she knew it was going to fall over eventually, but it offered some shade so she planted woodland and shade loving plants around it. Such folly!

Now what is Carol going to do? We are garden fairies, we can only speculate. First, somebody has to clean up the mess. We are garden fairies so that somebody will not be us.

Someone will have to do something about the plants growing and loving the shade of the red bud tree. We are garden fairies, so that someone will not be us.

Carol will have to get another tree this fall. She will have to because who ever heard of a sunny garden border named Woodland Follies?

We are garden fairies,

Submitted by,
Thorn Goblinfly, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens


Kathy said…
Did that derecho storm blow it over?
So sorry to hear the storm that blew through created such havoc for the fairies. Hopefully it also dumped some rain on your parched garden.
Unknown said…
Poor fairies! After the mess is cleared, you'll have OPPORTUNITIES for new plants! And maybe an environment for visiting fairies!
Gardening Fool said…
Could there be a shade sail in your future?
Heidi Jasper said…
aww, how sad for the woodland plants. We lost a huge wild cherry limb in our woods from the wind on early Sunday morning. However, for us that just means more sun for the wild blackberries!